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Team Purpose

The Outsiders are a secret organization. Funded by Michael Carter, their headquarters lies on the 13th floor of Booster Gold International. The Outsiders specialize in cases that some might consider strange. Their mission is to right the wrongs that have been overlooked or lie within paramaters that perhaps could not be dealt with under ordninary circumstances. Under the guidance of Booster Gold, the team's purpose is to serve mankind in ways the Justice League of America of any other team can't or won't. So if you feel you've come up against a hard place, and there's no one to turn to, you just might find and ask for the help of:

The Outsiders



























The Mysterious Benefactor


Position: Mr. Money Bags? The Ghost in the Machine? The Monkey in the Wrench. The Pain in the A$$--You get the picture
Basic Statistics
Height: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?
Age: ?
Species: ? Khund?
Occupation: He gives Mike Money (As if he didn't have enough already?)









Head Quarters: The Thirteenth Floor

Very few people are privaledged to have seen the inner workings of the Outsiders's Lair. Known Only as the "Thirteenth Floor" it could be anywhere. A suit at the Howard Johnson Lodge?

Perhaps it is invisible to the naked eye.

The "Thirteenth Floor" is rumored to have a vast communication network, nearly rivaling that of the Watch Tower.

Perhaps the Outsiders really don't have a headquarters. Or do they?

Base Schematic