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Haunting Wayne Manor

Year One

Pending Approval

Heroes Dreams

Heroes Dreams



This site started very slowly. I realized that I enjoyed playing many of my characters and wanted to give them a sort of spotlight to breath. Mushing is very addictive. I've often found myself creating stories that slip off into nothingness. I've also brought a lot of amusment of many people's lives. The places I roleplay at are:

I've done a lot of good things with these characters. They've mad significant contributions to their their universes. So far, They have settles carefully into their worlds and made them their own.

The Direct thing I learned about mushing. Folks. There are too many mushes and not enough time.

Over the past month, a dozen or so marvel mushes have popped up and believe me, I want to be on all of them.

What I want to do with this site is keep a log and news place for all information about muxing and the poeple I meet. I also wouldn't mind keeping updates, Plot summaries, concordances, and added information. The New Age of Mushing is about to begin so. . .

Watch for New Updates


The Old Warriors:

Attention All OLD NEW Warriors from Marvel Extreme(Before Restart):

If you are out there, I invite you to join me at Heroe's Dreams!!!!!

I am the founding member of the JLA and A member of the Xmen

Found Warriors

Charge and others

Looking for:

All the Old Gang.


Found Seth Yesterday!

Still Looking for a Luke Cage!

see details below

I'm looking for a hardcore player, who is willing to play Luke Cage. I realize the futility of this, since the character is in fact, lesser powered. (Medium Super Strength, flawed invulnerability, and an attitude that dates back to the 70's,) but if it was easy to find a Cage, I wouldn't be looking. I don't care if he is the more suped up version, as seen in Cage the comic, or if he's older, I just want to establish on some mush, the semblance of the old Heroes 4 Hire relationship, and possibly run some of the best games every with those characters. The good thing about it, is you get me, (Danny Rand) a friend for life (Who always has your back) and a chance for some great RP. So think about it, and send me an email. jenelow1@earthlink.net

Rest In Peace

Brainiac 5.1


As Always, the first rule of mushing, is that if you snooze you lose. Brainiac, Sunboy and Zauriel were lost when I stopped Mushing for a while. Their apps, are gone, so maybe someday, they will live through me again. Alas. . .


Players for
  • Luke Cage
  • (I have a half written app already that I wrote)
  • Misty Knight
  • Colleen Wing
  • Dane Whitman
  • Scott Lang
  • Jim Harper
Experience Preferred
but not necessary


RP Logs

Keeping Logs is a fulltime job. Lately, I've struggled immensely just to keep apps and players playing. Wether or not i continue to post logs is in the air.

Brainiac 5 "Word Games"