Planet Krypton

This is a very spacious place. The first thing that seems obvious is the vast amount of space. The room spreads outward and along the floor moving toward the back of the restaurant. To the left and right are numnerous tables each covered in delightful red and blue tablecloths. In the center of each table also seit what appear to be Bulletman and Bulletgirl salt & pepper shakers. The lighting here is excellent and the room seems to glow with a sense of magic. The jukebox in the corner seems to be playing a great selections of modern and golden-oldie tunes.

In the background the waiters and waitresses are dressed in very fanciful and reaslistic costumes. The giant skylight above lets in a warm amount of sunlight and the place is very cheery. In there are many display cases, but what is mostly relevant are the neat little models hanging from the ceiling. Over one table is what appears to be some sort of rocket and what appears to be the Batplane.Hanging in the center of the room is also what appears to be a model of the earth, except that it's square. This quirky item is one of the more eccentric.

In the corner is one of the nicer tables which seems equiped to deal with at least 7 seats. The table is coated with a big, blue tablecloth which has the Superman emblem on it. As well, the nearest other table. Other tables are draped in similar fashions, but none seem as nice. The stairs to the upstair area lead up and around, passing all manner of paraphenalia.
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Obvious exits:
Exit <E>
Michael Carter is working with a stock report. He passes it to a Wonder Woman. Carter sighs. "Work work work." he taps his pen and drinks some coffee in his favorite booth. The Lunch crowd has cleared out. He cracks his nuckles. A Hal Jordan pours him some Coffee and a female Robin passes.

Superman steps in, pushing the door aside casually as he enters. His head is tilted in alert caution as he glances around the room. A balding man with red hair turns to him from his table. "There you are!? I've been waiting for my Beef Bourgion with Ketchup for fifteen minutes and... ah..." The man goes pale and darts for the men's room. Superman glances over at Michael Carter. "Hello, Booster. Mind if we talk...?"

Michael Carter lifts his head. He taps his pen on the table. He sips his coffee. He looks right at Superman, a man who he often considered to be the most right man on the planet. He taps his monte-blanc. Twists the cap and puts it in his coat. "Sure." He stands and takes is expresso cup and reports with him. "Follow me?

Superman drifts up into the air and nods, following the blonde businessman silently.

Michael Carter walks past the table and into the back among the bric a brac. he stops at a display case that says Jonah Hex and presses a button on the side of it. The case opens and he motions for Superman to follow him.

Penthouse Office

A very tall and majestic room. The place is decked out in the latest Malaisian art deco.To the left and right appear to be two very tall standing totems which appear to have Malaisian fertitlity symbols carved into the wood. Along the left wall is a very strange strange art piece done by the late Michael Amino.

The right wall is completely made of glass leading out to a small balcony. The vast Metropolis skyline stretches before you with a clear look at the the Lex-Corp Towers. Booster Gold Industries seems to shine about eye level with Lex-Corp though Luthor owns most of the Sky with his L-shaped building.To the southwest the familiar vision of the Daily Planet seems to shine as a symbol of vigilance and excellence. Beyond the door appears to be a nice balcony where Booster has a cafe table and some chairs.

On the back wall is a picture of Booster Gold and the other members of the JLI and is filled with many smiling faces. Booster's desk sits near the back wall with a series of plaques, various awards, one even from the Business Commission and Chamber of Commerce.
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Obvious exits:
Lobby <L>

After a few feet, the corridor becomes an office. Booster Sits behind his desk. "Coffee?"

Superman glances at Booster. "No. Thank you."

Michael Carter takes a calm seat. "Well, what's bothering you Superman?"

Superman crosses his arms and hovers imposingly. "I respect what you're trying to do, Michael. But I'm afraid that you've made some bad choices. Your 'Outsiders' are a potential hazard to this city and themselves." His gaze turns directly on Booster. "You should have consulted the League first."

Michael Carter shakes his head. With an almost delicate grace and wit that would make Maxwell Lord sit up and take notice he says,"Au contraire, Mon Ami, I consulted J'Onn."

Superman clears his throat. "J'Onn never consulted the rest of us..." He sighs. "I can't and won't stop you from making your own decisions, Michael, and the same goes for the entirety of your team... But you are being watched." He frowns. "I don't want this to turn out like the last team of Outsiders did. I'm asking you to consult the League if you plan on doing anything... questionable involving sovereign nations. The League has worked hard for the respect it has and I don't want our international authority undermined if it can be helped." He pauses. "I appreciate anyone doing good deeds... Just be careful, Michael. Please."

Michael Carter narrow his eyes. "I know the risks of what we're doing and that's why I have five former leaguers with me." He looks down. "I'm going to be careful. I appreciate the sentiment, but we're also watching you. "

Superman glances off to the side uncomfortably. "I have business to take care of..." He pauses. "If you'll excuse me."
say Be seeing you.

Michael Carter sips his expresso and looks to Superman as he heads toward the window. He keeps himself calm, his hand poised and in the most delicate manner raises his glass. "Be seeing you."