Plastic Man
Undercover Operative



Access Granted

Welcome. You've reached the Personal Data Pad of Booster Gold. You have security access. Booster Gold is the Protector of Booster Gold Industries and the occasional hero about Metropolis. Booster at the moment has started to pull together all his contacts in order to create a new breed of superteam.










Notes on Plastic Man

Plastic Man
Position: Under Cover Operative and Disguise Officer
Basic Statistics
Height: 6'
Weight: Mass Can Vary
Hair: Black (Oily)
Eyes: He's Always Wearing Shades
Age: ? (He was around during the Golden Age 1930?)
Species: Human
Occupation: Con Man? Reformed?


I grew up on comics like Plastic Man (I liked the reissues of the oldies that came out in the '70's), Superman, Batman, The Haunted Tank, but discovering music pretty girls (not necessarily in that order) drew me away from the comics arena in the early eighties. Now that I'm grown up, married, have kids, and work with computers (again, not necessarily in that order)I was excited to discover the existence of MUSH's, wonderful worlds where you can role play characters you always pretended to be as a kid. For me it had to be Plas, of course.

I enjoy being the comic relief in situations where the other characters have to be so serious. I'm still pretty new at the online rp'ing game, but I've met several neat people while playing and am learning a lot. Now, if I can just get the hang of this software...



Gadgets (Coming Soon)







The Joker

Black Canary's recent run-in with the Joker was one of the most devestating moments of her career. Many lives were lost and Black Canary's fortitude was tested to the limits of perhaps even her own understanding. For a while, she even refused to wear the costume







Character Notes

Booster Gold/Michael Carter

Booster and Plastic Man have come to trust each other on many occasions.








Ishiguro Takamura
Senshi Namoto

It is said that the sun may set in the West, but like a true enemy, the east is always looming like the coming of the sun.

The where-abouts of Ishiguro Takamura are unknown at the moment. Perhaps, the greatest enemy the Outsiders have ever faced is still at Large, as well as the fact that the body of Senshi Namota went missing from the Mertropolis morgue.

Could Ishiguro Takamura be planning something? Only time will tell. And what about the Eye of Shinto? The Outsider's only trophy from theur first Battle? What Secrets does it hold



Little is known about the very Secretive Organization known as Takamura Industries. Currently Ishiguro Takamura is at large.

Takamura is currently been discovered in the Province of Shanghai. His motives are still unknown.


  • Plastic Man appears regularly in JLA