Michael Carter
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Welcome. You've reached the Personal Data Pad of Booster Gold. You have security access. Booster Gold is the Protector of Booster Gold Industries and the occasional hero about Metropolis. Booster at the moment has started to pull together all his contacts in order to create a new breed of superteam.




In 2462 Michael Jon "Booster" Carter was the starting quarterback for Gotham University's league-leading football team. Booster was the greatest quarterback in the history of Gotham University. His future in the pros was assured. Yet, Booster was impatient to wait for his millions.

Booster began to bet on sporting events, including games in which he played. Eventually, he was caught Gambling. Because of this, he lost his scholarship and was eventually found moving from Job to job.

The only Job he could find was as a Janitor for the Gotham Museum of History, but the problem was his life was miserable. In reading the history of some of the greatest superheros he got the idea that his life would be better if he'd been one of them. On display, in the Museum he worked at was a time machine. Booster decided to leave the time he lived in and join the heroes he admired so much. One night he broke into the museum and stole some things on exhibit there.

He was caught by a security robot named Skeets which he quickly deactivated and took with him. In the 20th Century he stumbled onto a chance and saved President Reagon 's life. Booster had meant to take the name Goldstar but as he stood in front of a bunch of people he became nervous. He blurted out the name "Booster" which was his knickame and then Godlstar. After this Reagan really messed his name up.


History (Continued)

After a long stint with the Justice League and several missions Booster and Skeets, his new Computer robot, was unfortunately damaged and his uniform was torn and shreaded. During Booster's time with the Justice League, he and fellow Leaguer Blue Beetle took the time to reform their funds, and they created a new company Booster Gold International which frequently did deals with Kord Industries. During this initial forming Booster and Beetle embarked on every type of money-making s cheme imaginable. The two dabbled in every type of business deal from hot muffins to government contracts.

They both made a lot of money. So much money in fact Booster became a household name again and he even starred in a movie or two a nd courted the Hollywood crowd while refusing to settle on just one concept for making money. For a while Booster and other heroes formed a group called Extreme Justi ce, but he eventually returned to the Justice League to fight alongside his old friends.

His friend Blue Beetle, helped him to intigrate Skeets into his new sui t.. His suit was later trashed by Doomsday, but again Beetle helped him build a new suit.. This clunky piece-of-armor-suit was eventually damaged beyond repair by recently helping Superman.

In the short time between the disbanding of the JLI and the new JLA inca rnation of heroes, Booster and his friend Blue Beetle went into semi-retirement where he started a chain of restaurants called Planet Krypton and made sure his company thrived. Booster and Beetle and others did appear occasionally before the public during times of crisis such as the One Million Hourman Virus Incident and the re activation of the Amazo android.

In a most recent adventure with Superman Booster's clunky suit finally collapsed. Because Superman had access to some new expiramental fiber.

Booster was able to form a new suit. The current suit Booster wears contains the remnants of the Skeets Computer as well as the integrated flight ring system and forcfield's controls. Recently Booster and Beetle started a new business called Blue and Gold Express, a delivery service which specialized in transporting equipment via tran sport technology.. It turns out both he and Beetle stole this technology from th e Watchtower and exploited it. This attracted the attention of an individual kno wn as the Supplier, who used Blue and Gold Express for his nefarious purposes. With the help of the current Green Lantern, Booster and Plastic man wher e able to thwart the schemes of the Supplier but at a price... Booster was force d to disband Blue and Gold Express or risk getting a big pounding by Batman. Currently Booster appears to be out of retirement.



Amber Goggles

Booster wears an set of amber-colored goggles which are equippe d with sensing devices..thermal (infrared), telescopic, and microscopic vision.

Booster's abilities are by far not on par with those as superman, but his magnification factor is far greater than that of anything man made at the moment because his equipment comes from the future.

The goggles grant Booster Telescopic and Thermal Vision.



Booster Gold International

Booster Gold owns and runs a very large coop eration, almost equivalent to that of Lexcorp or Wayne Tech Industries, but wher e WayneTech might be sensible, Booster's Company has got its fingers in a lot of pies, and it often spreads itself thin.

Booster's company.. Booster Gold Enterp rises is a Multi-Million Dollar industriy like LexCorp, but it makes less.

Wayne Tech Industries is a good example of a stable company. Booster Gold Industries makes from 300 Million to 350 A year, while LEX Corp probably makes more. Clearl y Wayne enterrprises competes with both..Booster's Modest Company does put him i n the running with other bachelors and rich men, but it's because of the company ;s different facets and projects.. IT often does work with Kord Industries. Most Recently BGI started a successful chain of stores called Planet Krypton.


Power Suit & Computer System

POWER SUIT: Booster's Current Suit is a combined and integrated system d esigned by both Superman and Dr. Emil Roy. It uses the same fibers that Booster brought fromt eh future in his orional suit that was treashed by doomsday. The n ew sui contains the same integrated systems as well as is made from a type of el ectrical polymer fiber designed by LExcorp...it was contrcted from the remains o f the materal that Superman built his electro containment suit from. Whether or not this suit has tracers or listening devices and implants put in by Lex Luthor is something Booster will have to find out later..


Currently Booster's Robot Skeets is i ntegrated into the suit he wears. Skeets has access to records from the future a nd serves to help Booster not alter the time line. POWER SUIT: Booster's Current Suit is a combined and integrated system d esigned by both Superman and Dr. Emil Roy. It uses the same fibers that Booster brought fromt eh future in his orional suit that was treashed by doomsday. The n ew sui contains the same integrated systems as well as is made from a type of el ectrical polymer fiber designed by LExcorp...it was contrcted from the remains o f the materal that Superman built his electro containment suit from. Whether or not this suit has tracers or listening devices and implants put in by Lex Luthor is something Booster will have to find out later..

Booster's Robot Sidekick Skeets is a product of twenty-fifth century science, created as a mobile security guard and tour guide for the Gotham Space Museum. Skeets was on duty the night Booster Carter stole the museum's equipment and travelled to the twentieth century. While Skeets attempted to dissuade Booster from time-travelling, Booster deactivated the robot and took Skeets along with him. Skeets spends much of his time advising Booster on everything from tactical methods in battle to social protocol at parties. A veritable storehouse of historical knowledge, Skeets realizes that Booster's presence in the past is not an alteration in the fabric of time but is merely fulfilling the dictates of history. Skeet's record indicate that Booster's presence in the twentieth century was documented inthe twenty-fifth; as such, Booster was meant to be here. Skeets is always careful to observe that Booster follows the constructs of history even as he creates it.


Wrist Controls & Blasters

WRIST BLASTERS: Booster's Wrist Blaster generate a powerful Laser force, which can hit with both a physical blow or an energy blast if desired.. Currentl y as seen in various comics Booster's blasters can break through brick wall or m elt certain forms of metal down but in a recent issue of Green Lantern it showed the blasters were capable of matching Green Lanterns Energy power.

Booster's Wrist devices are primarily the source of his powers. He must charge them and expend certain amounts of power. Booster's contr ols are linked to both his goggled and he enjoys such special technological abil ities involve a TV transeiver linked to Boosters Goggles and a comlink which lin ks him with a fellow team member should he team up with someone.

Booster also ha s a radio tranciever link and can monitor radio frequency bands as well as send and recieve. His Blasters power level is usually equal to the amount of power B oster is willing to spend. He has achieved effects of mild stun ability to 500 pounds of physical force.

One on each wrist, they range from a mild stun to building leveling power. Booster's Wrist Bandshave the TV Transceiver and Radio ability, Power Controls, and remote links to Skeets and Booster's Power Rods,the source of Booster's offensive and defensive power.

Character Notes

Lois Lane

Booster's closest friend in Metropolis is Lois Lane. The two of them often have lunch together. Lois and Booster dated for awhile, but to Booster's chagrin Lois's heart was elswere. The two still often have lunch together.


Character Notes
Black Canary

Michael currently has a deep respect for Dinah. As one of his good friends he considers her a contact. Though her life is extremely busy she agreed to join the Outsiders and help Michael with his growing team.








Ishiguro Takamura
Senshi Namoto

It is said that the sun may set in the West, but like a true enemy, the east is always looming like the coming of the sun.

The where-abouts of Ishiguro Takamura are unknown at the moment. Perhaps, the greatest enemy the Outsiders have ever faced is still at Large, as well as the fact that the body of Senshi Namota went missing from the Mertropolis morgue.

Could Ishiguro Takamura be planning something? Only time will tell. And what about the Eye of Shinto? The Outsider's only trophy from theur first Battle? What Secrets does it hold



Little is known about the very Secretive Organization known as Takamura Industries. Currently Ishiguro Takamura is at large.

Takamura is currently been discovered in the Province of Shanghai. His motives are still unknown.


Kevin Costner

After much consideration about which actor looks the most like Booster, I've come to the understanding that Kevin Costner is Booster. I base this off of two movies
. Bull Duram and For Love of the Game. I see Booster as this aging athlete who is obsessed with the idea of regaining some of the glory he mispent in his youth. I think Booster is Flawed and there's no better actor at playing flawed heroes than our man Kevin.

  • Booster Appeared three times in the Recent JLA World War III, where he got a total of two lines and did nothing
  • Despite his appearance in JLA 27, his armor was screwed up.
  • Despite his appearance in Green Lantern 116 and 117 he acted like a total bafoon.  His most recent costume change too place in Superman
  • Michael Carter Appeared in The Kingdom:Planet Krypton where apparently he asked Batman for Help

Vital Stats

Full Name: Michael Jon "Booster Carter
Code Name: Booster Gold
Sex: Male (Definitely)
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
Hair: Blond
City: Metropolis
Position: CEO Booster Gold Industries

Costume ID: The current outfit is was introduced in the pages of Superman. Created by Jan Jurgens. Booster's Current Costume *See Costume *Was actually designed by. Dr. Emil Roy, a good friend of Superman's. It is a blend of Booster's former costume and the remains of Superman's Electro outfit.

Booster Gold is an able-bodied man.

He knows Tai-Kwan-Do and variations of Judo but, he is primarily a boxer. Booster is also a bit of a Bruiser seeing as how he spent his early life as a Football Player.

His Upper Body strength is massive, but Booster is not a fighter like Batman nor is he of the power levels of many other heavies. Booster relies on his flight ring and his forcefield to get him out of most problems, but he isn't above running and he runs pretty well .

He is at least triathalon abled and in Olympic condition, yet he isn't trained to the extreme as Batman or Black Canary, or many other crime fighters

Booster relies a little to heavily on his equipment at times. I am very hesitant to rate Booster's skill alongside those of Batman, because I know to a certain extent that he isn't even n the same category.

Booster seems to me to be in the same League as Wildcat. His stamina is that of a younger man, though his skill is probably that of a Bruiser like the Atom. Booster Can easily knock a normal man out, yet he's often used his flight momentum to disable apponents and also used his forcefield to smash against them. In terms of Raw strength I'd say that Booster could lift a tender and very light 225 pounds and only for a limited time.





This 25th Century piece of technology is integrated into Booster's wrist devices. It has in the past deflected both Physical and energy blows. It has deflected the energy blasts of Despero a Villain who even put J'onn J'onzz on his ass in a few fights.

Booster's forcfield has also stopped s mall arms fire as well as physical attacks from fists. Booster has also used the Forcfield in an offensive manner knocking people back from a Distance.

The piece of equipment that has apparently saved Booster's a nd other players more time than once is his forcefield. This forcfield is actual ly much like the one Brainiac uses in teh future..It has withstood inthe past Su perman's heat vision as well as but the shield has limits. With the controls it can be shaped into many types of corms curves and balls and it can hold folks in side as well as buffet them. It does not protect booster From Telepathy or mentall attacks like mind control or Sorcery.

"Brainiac 5's Force Field Belt, the most powerful force field in the DC universe, was incorporated into Booster's uniform by Booster with the help of Skeets. It combines a force field capable of resisting Superman's heat vision (and almost his super strength!) with an expandable force shield useable on others as well as a sealed systems ability that allows the wearer to survive in any enviroment. Booster's Power Suit Resists damage and gives super strength Booster's."

Booster's Gadgets

All of Michael's Superhuman Abilities come from his futuristic toys. Without them he's a man of above average strength and power, though he is a seasoned athlete. His Gadgets include his:

  • Flight Ring,
  • Goggles,
  • Suit,
  • Forcfield
  • and Wrist Blasters.

I've interspersed my definitions of Booster's powers and gadgets with quotes from


DHirvela's Page on Booster




Flight Ring:

Booster's Flight ring allows him to achieve a movement speeds of up to 200 mph. his ring is integrated into his new suit and is contr olled telepathically.

The Legion Flight ring has enables Booster the ability to keep pace with most other flying super-heroes, but in no way could he match the s peeds of flash or even Superman of Wonder Woman. One of Brainiac 5's first pieces of equipment for Legion use- the Flight Rings- are made out of Element 152, an anti-grav metal created by Mon-El when he tried out for the Legion under the guise of Marvel Lad. The ring has a maximum cruising speed on Earth of 900 mph with faster than light travel possible in space. The telepathic link the ring employs also has a safeguard that keeps the wearer hovering even if he loses consciousness. Other features unknown to Booster include an SOS transmitter and tracking beacon actived by twisting the L symbol clockwise a quarter turn.