The Drunken Ape Inn--Whisper and Quicksilver Gather Information in the Drunken Ape Inn on the Edge of the K'un L'un Mountain Range, while the Warriors seek to discover who the Black Rose is. A meeting takes place as Pietro and Dawn go deep undercover as servants during such time, a striking relevation is made!

Alien Hive--The Warriors struggled desperately to survive the caved in ruins of Dallas.

Sideshow- The Warriors begin a preliminary investiagation of Sideshow Slim's Wonder Carnimal.

Tey misses the flight? &emdash; Something interesting happens to Tyer as he rushes to make the lift off to Nevada.

Just outside the Yukon -- The Warrior's Jet encounters some kind of disturbance outside Ottowa. The second rescue team goes to work to land the VTOL Jet.

End Game? -- After months of searching, the New Warriors bring the schemes of the man called Eshu to an end.

The Sentinel's Go Down--The Atlantis Campaign comes to an end;

Kay Star meets Thor -- An interesting look at Kay and Thor.

Mystery Date?--Luke Cage and Thor have an interesting Date.

Hotel Clonifornia -- The Warriors discover a Hotel run by Clones.

Green Bolt

Green Bolt verses the Goblin King&emdash; While the Warriors are away, Green Bolt does some private adventuring on her own.

What Friendship Means-- Danny helps out an old friend.

A Murder in Harlem? --Danny and his friends make their way to an Old Blues Club to meet a man from Danny's past who gives them a stranger request. Just wait. It gets weirder.

Irissa & Ashen

Irissa gets her first kiss, but it comes at a price.

Brainiac 5

When Push Comes to Shove?--Brainy's world begins to crumble about him when he discovers he cannot do everything himself.