A black mustang pulls up and idles out in front of the Gem Theater. Anyone

familiar with the people of Harlem know this is Luke Cage's ride. The door open up to allow the

large hero out. He looks to the Gem with a smile on his face. He is actually not in his usual

garb, but in a powder blue suit with bell bottoms.


Kay Starr 's shoes click against the pavement. A white woman in a black man's

world. And she's

dressed to the nines that even a group of hooligans hoot and wolf whistle at her.

"Nice legs

baby!" "Those go all the way up?!" and such. She ignores them unless one tries to

get up close

and personal. She spots the Gem ahead and the Stang is there. Then she spots

Luke, (Oh dear

gods... anything but powder blue...) she shakes her head, (Well Danny did warn me

he was stuck

in the 70s'..)


Luke Cage looks over at the wolf whistles and then stops Kay. He smiles fondly at

the beautiful

woman in the stunning green dress. He then moves over in her direction. She can

see his shirt is

open to show off his well-muscled chest, "I could of came and picked ya up, Kay."

He states

with some mirth in his dark eyes.


Luke Cage

Your eyes rest upon a large African-American male. Is stands over six feet tall

and is

very muscular. Upon his brow rest a thick metallic band that encircles his head

under his thick,

black curly hair. The band comes to a point just above the bridge of his wide

nose. He has thick

side burns that come even with his mouth. His dark brown eyes reflex his fiery

emotions that this

large man expresses. He is clad in a thick, yellow, long-sleeved colored shirt.

His shirt is not

buttoned, so it shows off his thick, muscled chest. Upon his forearms is a metal

band that is

about six inches wide. Wrapped about his waist is a very thick metal chain. It

has very wide

links and looks like it could be slips off easily for a weapon. He also has on a

pair of black

denim pants that are tucked into a pair of yellow, cuffed boots that comes to his



Kay Starr looks up at him a little as he approaches. "And miss the walk?" she

asks then gestures

to the hooligans behind. "And the ungentlemanly comments? Come on.. I'm a big

girl that can

kick any of their behinds." she tells you.


Kay Starr

The woman before you stands about 5'10" and weighs around 140 to 150 pounds. Most

of that

weight is well toned muscles. Her face is roundish, her eyes grey with flecks of

blue and green.

Sometimes those eyes seem to change color ever so briefly. She has a cute little

pug nose and

full lips that appear to have rarely smiled. Her cheeks are naturally rosy and

her dishwater

blonde hair is feathered back as well as tucked back behind her ears. Her

shoulders are relatively

wide, probably because of her bone structure. Seems genetics blessed her with

plenty of

endowment, but today you are seeing your fair share of it. Her long legs give way

to size 8 feet.

Today she wears a green dress that hugs every curve and muscle. It shows off a


amount of cleavage and plenty of her calves. Upon her feet black flats. Sitting

above her

cleavage is a dragon tattoo about six inches long and six wide. It looks familiar

to those that

know Iron Fist.


Luke Cage looks over to the hoodlums and shakes his head as he gives them a


look. Some of the back down as they do not want to piss off Powerman. He then

looks kindly to

Kay and offers his arm, "Shall we? I hope you like Italian food.."


Kay Starr takes the offered arm, "Love it." she tells you, "And I understand

there's a movie

involved after dinner? Which one we seeing?"


Luke Cage escorts Kay over to his 'Stang and opens the door for her, "I know a

theater that is

still playing Boogie Nights. Would you like to see that flick?"


Kay Starr takes a seat and looks up at you before shifting into the car fully,

"Why not." she says,

"Might be fun." she remembers the 70's only as a child after all.


Luke Cage 's dark eyes take in your well-muscled legs as you enter his ride. He

then closes the

door behind you and then gets in on his side. "I have seen it several times. I

like it.."


Kay Starr buckles in and lays her hands in her lap, "Several and you aren't bored

with it?"


Luke Cage starts to drive off, "No, I never get tired of those times.." He

chuckles deeply as he

drives away from he Gem


Kay Starr smiles tolerantly, "Luke the 70's was 30 years ago.. let them go okay?"

she asks nicely.

Hey she can ask can't she?


Luke Cage grins over to the lovely blonde next to him, "I know they are

over..does not stop me

from liking them." He chuckles deeply as he looks back to the road, "I like your

dress. Makes

you look very fine.. not that you were not fine before."


Kay Starr nods to you, "Thank you." she smiles a hint, "Luke... do you like

honest women?"


Luke Cage nods and grins, "Yes, I prefer honest women, but I like honesty with

tact..if you know

what I mean. Someone brutally honest is kind of hard to get a long with."


Kay Starr purses her lips a little, "Then we have a problem." she says honestly,

"I'm not too

tactful... never really learned to be. So If I am brutal about being honest it is

only cuz I like to lay

it all out there." she sighs a hint, "For example... I could be brutally honest

about that suit... but

since tact is in order... well I'd have to bite back what I was thinking and try

to not hurt your

feelings. You know maybe that is why Danny and I fight so much... what do you



Luke Cage slows the car to a stop and looks over to you, "What? Do you not like

my suit? These

are my finest threads..apart from my tux." He reaches over and turns off the car.


Kay Starr looks over the suit then unbuckles, "Well, to be honest with what tact

I can muster

Luke. Its a nice suit for the seventies. But for the new millennium I'm not so

sure, though I hear

the retro stuff is back." she gives a soft shrug, "I think dark or medium blue is

more your color.

Would bring out your eyes."


Luke Cage chuckles and looks you over, "Maybe sometime you can take me shopping


something you like." He then opens his door and steps out. He then walks over and

open the

door for you as well.


Kay Starr exits and steps to the side so you can close the car door, "You'd let

me shop for a big

bruiser like you? What /would/ your friends think?" she smiles, hint of laughter

in her eyes. She

takes your arm again as the door closes.


Luke Cage closes the door and locks it. He then looks to you and grins, "I said I

would let you

help me pick something out. I ain't goin' to wear somethin' I do not like." He

grins and escorts

you into the Italian restaurant.


Kay Starr laughs a little, "Right. Of course." she agrees and looks around this

place she hasn't

been to yet. Smells good in here at least. Looks nice too, "Would it be a bad

time to ask if this is

a dutch date?"


Luke Cage shakes his head, "No, it's my treat. I am old fashioned that way.." He

chuckles as he

looks to the hostess and hold up two fingers indicating two in his party.


Kay Starr figured really, "All right. I like to be spoiled on rare occasion." she

grins lopsidedly

and waits for the hostess to show us to the place we shall be seated.


Luke Cage chuckles deeply as he waits for a minute while he table gets ready,

"When you go

out with me, it will be my treat each time. If you will let me have a next time."

He then smiles as

the hostess lead you too a quiet table for two.


Kay Starr pats your thick arm, "We'll see how this goes first okay?"


Luke Cage grins and nods as he pulls out your chair for you, "Certainly."


Kay Starr takes her seat and knows you'll push it in, "Well lucky for me chivalry

is still alive in

a man named Luke Cage." she smiles.


Luke Cage pushes the chair in gently and smiles at the comment, "I try to be a

gentleman." He

then walks over to his chair and sits down. He looks to the wine list and menu,

"Do you drink?"


Kay Starr nods, "Mostly when I'm upset.." she admits softly, "And then usually

beer or

something strong. Nothing sophisticated like a good wine." she smiles at you,

"But surprise me

with your selection okay?"


Luke Cage nods and looks over the list of wines. He picks out a nice red wine

that is sweet and

not bitter. He then looks over to Kay, "You know the candle light brings out your

eyes?" His eyes

flicker down to the familiar tattoo, "Did Danny inspire you there?"


Kay Starr blushes a little at the compliment, did anyone every compliment on them

before... not

really, "Thanks.. ah the tattoo? Could say so. Since his family basically adopted

me I felt I

should wear the family crest." She thinks you are looking lower but bites her lip

on that.


Luke Cage 's eyes look back to your eyes, "I am sorry. Did not mean to embarrass

you." He grins

impishly as his dark brown eyes lock onto you gray ones, "Danny adopted you as

well? I heard

about Irissa, but not you being adopted."


Kay Starr gazes over the menu before looking up again, "Irissa is more like a

daughter to him.

I'm just a sister to him. she explains, "He adopted me when we went to K'un L'un

some months

ago. When I was still in the team and was with Grizzly."


Luke Cage nods his head, "Yes, Danny is trying to make up for the loss of his

sister." He grins at

you, "Not that he did not make a good choice." He then looks down to his menu and

looks it over


Kay Starr smiles a bit more, "I dunno about that.. we sure fight like brother and

sister that's for

sure." she notes, she has her selection in mind now, "You have siblings?"


Luke Cage shakes his head, "Nope, I was an only child raised by my ma."


Kay Starr sees there is no 'pa' in there so figures something went bad betwixt

the parents.

Something to ask about later, "Probably good you were, I bet you where a handful

as a boy." she

smiles impishly at you. A light tease perhaps or a honest comment is really hard

to tell which, "I

sure was for my foster parents and I had two foster siblings to contend with."


Luke Cage grins and nods his head, "I was a regular hoodlum. In trouble with my


the law."


You say, "Been there and done that." Kay Starr kicks her shoes off under the

table, gods she

hates those flats...


Luke Cage chuckles and smiles to you mischievously, "We are alike more than I

thought. Cars,

food, our past.."


Kay Starr folds her hands in her lap and sits up straight, "Well I was lucky that

my parents tried

their best, my teachers too or I probably would of ended up in jail for my drug

use." she says

softly, "So ready to order?"


Luke Cage inclines his head as he looks over the menu, "Yeah, what do you want? I

think I will

get the spaghetti and meatballs with a salad."


You say, "I'd like the ravioli with salad and be sure we get those bread sticks



Luke Cage nods and motions tot he waiter that he is ready. He makes his way over

and asks,

"May I take your order." Luke nods and looks over the menu, "The lady will have

the Ravioli

and a salad. I will have the spaghetti and meatballs with a salad as well. Be

sure to keep the

bread sticks coming too." He chuckles and closes the menu and hands it to the



Kay Starr smiles impishly again, last time she got hold of a bread stick Danny

had to excuse

himself. She's a devil woman! "I'm sure hungry." she comments, "Hope their

service is fast."


Luke Cage nods his head, "I am sure the salad and bread stick will be fast."


You say, "Agreed. So Luke, did you grow up in Harlem?"


Luke Cage nods his head, "Most of my Life. Apart from my time in Jail..." He does

not look too

proud of that. "Where do you grow up?"


You say, "Seattle Washington."


Luke Cage nods his head as she waiter brings out the salads and bread sticks. He

holds out a

pepper grind, "Freshly ground pepper, Ma'am?"


Kay Starr shakes her head, "Oh no thank you." she smiles and starts to mix the

salad and

dressing together so its pretty evenly distributed.


Luke Cage shakes his head as the waiter off the pepper to him as well. The waiter

then pours

Luke a small amount of wine in his glass. The large black man picks up his glass

and swirls it

as it inspects The color and takes in The fragrance. He then takes a small sip

and then nods to

The waiter as he fill both his and Kay's glass.


Kay Starr smiles at Luke, "Someone knows how to taste wines." she notes slightly


since she certainly never learned. She takes a glass, "To our date."


Luke Cage raises his glass and clinks it lightly against yours, "To our date. May

our friendship



Kay Starr smiles, "Here here." she sips the wine and nods, "Mm.. nice." she sets

it down and digs

into her salad.


Luke Cage takes a large sip of his wine before he start to dig into his salad as

well. It appears he

is hungry. He then crews and swallows before looks to Kay, "So did you go to

college to get

your computer knowledge?"


Kay Starr nods and swallows a bite, "Yes I did." she says as she grabs a bread



Luke Cage nods his head and eats some more of his salad...o O (This chick

definitely has The

brains..and looks.) He smiles to you and then takes a bread stick and starts in

on that, "So did

you make that special suit that I saw you in the other day?" He tries to make it

as ambiguous as

possible so that the casual listener might think she was a tailor.


Kay Starr pauses putting her bread stick in her mouth, "Yes I did." she replies

then takes in about

a third of the stick without biting it, she pulls it out.. having sucked off the

salt. Then she puts it

back in and bites it off.


Luke Cage smiles and chuckles at The image that races through his mind as you do


"Oh..um. That must of taken a lot of skill to make. Did you do it on your own?"


You say "Took a lot of my time up after I graduated from college."Kay Starr isn't

sparing the

image as she does it again with that poor bread stick. She's a devil I tell you!


Luke Cage nods and shifts in his seat as he watches you, "I bet it did. You are



Kay Starr hmms as Danny did much The same.. him and Leonard the last time they

did Italian,

"Takes a lot of talent to put something like that together." she tells you. She

finishes off the

bread stick and digs back into her salad.


Luke Cage smiles and takes a bite out of his salad. He then looks to Kay and

grins slightly, "How

long did it take you to put it together?"


Kay Starr taps her fork on her plate, "Hmm, well with refining things and having

to buy the stuff

I needed to make it... about a year total."


Luke Cage smiles as his eyes wander down to the tattoo again before taking a sip

of his wine,

"That quick? I am impressed."


Kay Starr finishes off the salad, "Amazing what you can do with no distractions."

she tells you,

"After I got it done I came out here. Was right at The end of that Arax

invasion.. nasty business."

she takes another bread stick and wonders where that food is..


Luke Cage looks to the other bread stick and grins slightly. He then looks over

as the waiter as

he brings over the lunch plates.


Kay Starr seems oblivious to what effect she has with that stick as she puts it

through the same

thing as the first. "Oh good." she smiles and puts her napkin in her lap.


Luke Cage nods and seems relieved at the appearance of the waiter. He nods to him

as he

accepts his plate in front of him. "Thank you." He then looks to Kay and waits

for her to be

served before he starts to eat.


Kay Starr tries to remember her manners and cut one piece at a time, chew it

enough times and

swallow without having to get some wine to wash it down. She does take a sip now

and again, as

if trying to make that one glass last the whole meal. "Mm, very good." she tells

you after her fifth

bite of ravioli.


Luke Cage smiles and refills your glass as it get down to about half. He then

gets back to eating

his spaghetti. There is no real gentlemanly way to eat this but he does try.

"Yes, it is good food.

That is why I brought you here."


Kay Starr wriggles her toes into the carpet under the table. "You have good

taste." she notes and

continues to eat at a good pace without seeming too rapid or piggish. Making sure

she dabs her

lips now and again when some sauce wishes to remain there.


Luke Cage has not noticed Kay's lack of shoes yet. He eats his spaghetti slowly

as he looks to

Kay fondly. "Thank you. That is one thing I know about this town. The best places

to eat and

stuff like that. The word on the street is not just for gang activity."


Kay Starr giggles softly, "Good thing too." she states, she finishes up. Though

there is some

remains of sauce there on her plate. She sips down her glass off wine and covers

her mouth as

she burps. She blushes a little, "Pardon me." she smiles as she lifts her hand

away and seeks out

The shoes she kicked off without trying to seem like she's shifting in her seat.


Luke Cage smiles at Kay as she shift slightly. He finishes his plate not too long

after she does.

"Would you like some desert, Kay?" He states deeply as he refills your glass.


Kay Starr is tempted to have that chocolate dessert, but thinks better of it, "I

don't want to miss

our movie." she tells you. She finds her shoes that landed perilously close to

your shoes. She

sneaks them away with her toes best she can. But she cannot help but to tap your

shoes with

them as she tries to manipulate shoes with nylon covered toes.


Luke Cage looks down as he feel the tapping on his wingtip. He smiles to himself

and nods to

you. "Yes, we best go and I was saving room for popcorn and Goobers."


Kay Starr blushes as she's caught trying to snatch her shoes. "Milk duds for me

thanks."she says

cheerily. "Uh could you just push those over to me?"


Luke Cage pushes your shoe over to you with his. "There you go..." He motions

over to the

waiter as he come close. "Check please."


Kay Starr smiles. "Thanks." She slips her shoes back on without having to use her

hands. "I'm

gonna go wash up." she says. She gets out of her seat and moves to the back where


bathrooms are. She' comes back in about two minutes. "Okay ready." she says. Did

she do

anything to herself? Nope, no makeup.. no hair touch ups.. no sudden addition of

perfume. She's

pretty low maintenance.


By the time Kay comes back, Luke is just standing up with some money tucked in

the case for

the bill with a generous tip. He offers his arm out to you as he grins.


Kay Starr takes your arm of course and follows you to the cashier for you to pay.

"Hope the


theater isn't too far of a drive. If we miss the show, that would be a shame."

she states. Course

even if they did they could just sit and talk in the car or drive around.


Luke Cage does not need to pay the cashier as you pay at the table. He escorts

you out as he

walks tall being with such a beautiful chick. "We might be cutting it close." He

opens the door

for you to exit first.


Kay Starr smiles, "Well don't speed on my account." she tells you.


Luke Cage chuckles as he follows you out. He walks over to where is 'Stang is

parked and

unlocks it after disarming The security system. He holds open the door for you to

get seated

before entering the car himself. "Do not worry I will not put you in danger over

a movie that I

have on DVD."


Kay Starr sits and shifts in. "Oh you are horrible.." she laughs. "You have it on

DVD and yet we

are going to a theater to see it?"


Luke Cage slips in next to you on the other side and closes his door and locks

the doors. He

inserts The key and start the engine. The car revs up and then idles down to a

purr. "Inviting a

lady to my place to watch a movie on the first date is a little too forward in my



Kay Starr buckles in, "Your place is The community center.. unless you have an


then I agree." she smiles at you. "Drive James.." she giggles softly. "Couldn't



Luke Cage starts to drive off as he smiles over to you. "I have an apartment, but

I have a TV in

my office as well."


Kay Starr nods. "Though going back to the center will guarantee an interruption."

she notes.


Luke Cage nods his head. "No one will bother me in my office if I do not wish



Kay Starr wonders about that but nods. "If you say so Luke."she smiles and

watches The city

pass by. Time passes shortly, when she asks, "We there already?"


Luke Cage nods his head. "Yeah, I took a shortcut." He then slips out of the car

and opens your

door for you.


Kay Starr exits with you. "Trust a native New Yorker to know the short cuts." she



Luke Cage chuckles and closes The door and activates the security system. He

admires you legs

and cleavage as you get out, but not too obviously. "I like to get around as

quick as I can."


Kay Starr nods. "I'm sure you do." she retakes your arm.


Luke Cage escorts you to the Gem and open the door for you to enter.


Kay Starr enters before you.


Luke's Office -- Gem Theater -- Harlem


This is a very large office that can have over a dozen people in here

comfortably. There

are two large black leather couches that can fit four people comfortably upon

them as well as

one large leather recliner. There is a large screen TV set into The wall that has


programming upon it, as well as a VCR and DVD player hooked up to it. A state of

The art

stereo system is set into The wall with a record player, 8-track, radio, as well

as a 200-disk CD

changer. There are six Boise speakers set in The wall all around The office.

Against The wall it a

small kitchenette with a fully stocked wet bar that is locked, and a fridge that

is stocked with

snack food and sandwich fixings. A small conference table with six padded leather

chairs set

around it in The middle of The room. Against The far wall is a solid oak desk

with a state of The

art computer with modem hook-up to The Internet.


Luke Cage leads you through the theater to his personal office. He then opens the

door for you

and then closes the door behind him after he steps in.


Kay Starr looks around. "Wow, nice office." she can see its kept up well.. how

rare for a man to

clean up after himself. "Bet this is a nice place of solitude for you."


Luke Cage nods his head as he locks the door behind him. "Yes, it is a place for

me to think and

work." He walks over to a cabinet where he keeps his DVDs and CD. He looks over

the wide

variety of movies and music and picks out "Boogie Nights" He smiles to you, "Here

it is."


Kay Starr settles on the couch in front of The TV. "Surround sound I hope?" she

gestures to the



Luke Cage nods and smiles. "Of course." He load in the movie and takes a seat

next to you, but

not too close. He then start up the movie as he dims the lights some.


Kay Starr kicks off her shoes again, so she's a bit more comfy. "Good." she

smiles at you and

then turns her gaze back to the movie.


Luke Cage looks down to your stocking covered feet. He then looks back to the

movie. "I hope

you like this..."


Kay Starr nods. "Me too." she agrees with her hands folding into her lap. Though

her toes

wriggle a bit in her nylons. Nerves maybe?


Luke Cage looks over to you fondly. "Would you like some microwaved popcorn and a



You say "Popcorn would be nice." Kay Starr isn't going to get drunk, she want her

wits about her


Luke Cage nods and gets up and pops in a bag of popcorn into the microwave. He

looks over to

you. "What would you like to drink?"


You say "A soda is fine."


Luke Cage nods and opens his fridge. He picks out a Spite on a guess what she

would like. He

gets himself a Colt 45 and stands by the microwave while he finishes waiting for

the popcorn as

he watches the opening credits finish.


Kay Starr thought Star Wars had long credits... she watches them though. Annoying

as they are.

She's wondering if Luke is gonna ask her to dance and find out she doesn't know

how.. that'll be



Luke Cage opens the Microwave and pours The contents into a large bowl. he then

sits closer to

you as he places the bowl on his leg. He hands you the Sprite to you and then

opens his beer.


Kay Starr takes the Sprite. "Thanks." she pops open the soda and takes a sip.

Nothing like a

Sprite to calm a stomach that is going butterfly on her.


Luke Cage set the bowl of popcorn between you and himself. He glances at your

shapely legs as he takes a sip of his beer before looking to the wide screen



Kay Starr sips a bit more Sprite to help settle her stomach. She's praying you

won't ask her to dance when the songs start going. But she'll cross that

bridge when we get there. She watches the TV quietly.


Luke Cage will not ask her to dance to a movie. Taking her to a disco club will

be a later date. He offers her some of the popcorn. "So how ya likin' the



Kay Starr takes a handful, "Its nice so far."


Luke Cage chuckles and smiles over at you as his dark sparkling eyes look over

to Kay with a certain fondness. "I am glad ya like it, Kay."


Kay Starr smiles a bit, "Guess I missed the fun of it all. Grew up in that



Kay Starr eats a little of the popcorn in her hand.


Luke Cage nods and pats your knee. "Yeah, it was a blast...Not as strict as it

is now."


Kay Starr glances over. "How so strick?" she asks. She eyes your hand patting

her knee a moment.


Luke Cage looks to your eyes and pulls his hand back. He mutters softly.



Kay Starr lifts her eyes toward your face. "Its okay.. just not used to it..."


Luke Cage smiles impishly. "Well, your gams are very nice...I am surprised your

old boyfriends did not touch them."


Kay Starr guesses this is going to go into her past again. "Vision was cold

toward the end, even if he did deflower me.. Grizzly was shy and we never did

the sex thing.. came close.. but never really did anything about being

naked... and Steven it was just kissing."


Luke Cage nods and smiles at you. "I am surprised you do not have guys waiting

in line. You are very sexy.."


You say "As you rather astutely noted Luke.. my mouth seems to make men want

to avoid me. Sexy or not."


Luke Cage nods and reaches up to your face. He moves an errand strand of hair

from in front of your face and moves it behind your ear. His deep brown eyes

looks into yours for a moment.


Kay Starr is trying hard not to be scared... yes she's just a little scared of

this big man.. she's not sure if its cuz he is black or what. Her eyes flick

down at your gaze. "I really don't feel sexy." she admits. "If I did I

wouldn't have put my body through drugs when I was younger."


Luke Cage nods his head and retracts his hand. "I am sorry if I am makin' ya

feel uncomfortable, Kay." He moves back so his back it to the couch.


Kay Starr frowns a little. "So am I." she admits. "I'm sorry."


Luke Cage shakes his head. "No, I should not of been so forward. I am the one

who should be sorry"


Kay Starr looks up. "You were just acting on instinct.. it happens.." she eats

the rest of her handful of popcorn. "You've been a nice guy to me.. tolerant



Luke Cage smiles at you. "There has nothing to have been tolerant of. You have

been rather...um..meek."


Kay Starr blinks over. "Meak?"


Luke Cage nods and smiles at you. "Yeah, almost like I scare you or somethin'"


Kay Starr takes in a breath, (Gods he can fricking read me like a used book.)

she lets it out. "You do a little Luke.. "


Luke Cage lets out a sigh. "Why is that? I it because I am black and you have

not been with a black man before?"


You say "You being black is a small part of it.. after all I did date a

synthoid.. a mutant.. actually TWO mutants... in a way you remind me of

Grizzly. He was a big man. Big as you and probably as heavy. He was always

afraid he'd physically harm me. That's why we never really made love.""


Luke Cage nods his head and smiles at you. "I am not afraid of hurting a lady

while making love. I have made love to several women in my past." He chuckles



Kay Starr nods. "May I ask if there were any white women in this line up. I

like the truth to be known.. I want to be honest with you and you with me." you

have her attention more so than the movie. "And most importantly, is there

anyone I should know about that you still hold a candle for."


Luke Cage nods and smiles at you. "No, no white women...some have tried

though.." He pauses at the last question. "I am close to a couple women, but I

would not say I hold a candle for them.."


Kay Starr hmms thoughtfully. "Okay so why ask me out." she states. "And what do

you expect can come of us seeing each other."


Luke Cage chuckles deeply and smiles at you. "What do I expect? I expect us to

have fun, and if it develops into something more..then we will see."


You say "Explain fun to me. What is your idea of it."


Luke Cage smiles as he shakes his head and places his large meaty hand on your

shoulder. "I am not a sex fiend that expects all his girls to put out. I know

I make you nervous. I just want us to do things together that we both want to



Kay Starr smiles at you. "Just a little Luke. I'm getting over it."


Luke Cage nods and squeezes your shoulder affectionately. "I am glad, cause I

think you are a nice chick and I would like to take you out again."


You say "I think you might change your mind about that once you've had a fight

with me Luke."


Luke Cage grins. "We have already had a minor fight when we first



You say "I don't remember..."

Kay Starr shrugs and pats your hand on her shoulder. "Musta been a minor one."


Luke Cage nods his head. "It was when ya thought I was just a black guy with a

chip one my shoulder." He slips his hand off your shoulder taking the hand pat

as a sign to move it off.


Kay Starr smirks at you lopsidedly. "You saying you aren't?" she teases

lightly. She shifts a bit on the couch to face you more. She puts a hand on

yours. "Come on.. even I got a chip on my shoulder on occasion."


Luke Cage nods his head. "Yeah, but I ain't the typical nigger." He laughs

softly as he looks to you.


Kay Starr grimaces at that term. "Not the word I'd use for you Luke. Course I'm


white trash." she smiles.


Luke Cage nods and smiles at you. "Yeah, we use the term more loosely with each



Kay Starr gazes up into your eyes. "You call other blacks niggers? How rude!"

she grins and laughs.


Luke Cage laughs and reaches out and runs his thick fingers through your soft



Kay Starr closes her eyes a little. She inhales a little.. maybe to see if

Mister Cage likes Old Spice or some other cologne.. or perhaps he likes to not

cover his natural smell with such things. "That's nice."


Luke Cage does not bother with cologne as he pulls you tenderly against his

broad chest that is encased in the powder blue suit. His hand gently strokes

your lovely blonde hair. "I am glad ya like it."


Kay Starr says, "Yep"

Kay Starr smiles and doesn't mind being close.. damn he has a chest!!!


Luke Cage inhales through his nose to take in Kay's scent. His large hand

strokes over her hair than then down over her back.


Kay Starr looks up at you. "You always stroke your dates like this?"


Luke Cage smiles down at you. "Most..they seem to like it..Do not mind it?"


You say "Not at all. Just behave."


Luke Cage grins. "I ain't goin' ta do anythin' you do not want."


Kay Starr asks you. "Luke would you mind if we were just friends?"


Luke Cage holds your head to his broad chest as he makes a face at this

request. He thinks she is really is scared of him. He sighs softly and nods.

"Yeah, Sure thin', Kay"


Kay Starr looks up at you. "I know its a disappointment. But I've had some

really bad luck with men and I kinda would like some time single. I do enjoy

your company and wouldn't mind if we cuddled now and again. But I just don't

want you thinking I want you simply for sex or something."


Luke Cage continues to run his fingers through your hair tenderly and nods.

"Is it just the sex you want to not have? We can be more than friends and hold

off on the sex."


Kay Starr hmms a bit. "How can you be more than friends and NOT have sex?"


Luke Cage chuckles and kisses the top of your head. "How do you think some

people keep their bodies for the right person..or for marriage."


Kay Starr hmms. "Masturbation?" she asks.


Luke Cage chuckles and gives you an affectionate squeeze. "Well, some people

might. All relations do not have to hinge on sex."


You say "Yeah.. like me and Danny.. no sex going on there!"


Luke Cage releases you somewhat. "Is that what you want? A brotherly relation?"


You say "Sure.. why not! I'd have the biggest and meanest bro on Harlems

streets. And I know for a fact how close you are with Danny."


Luke Cage nods his head as he seems somewhat disappointed. "Ok...if that is

what you want." He releases you and reaches over and takes a swig of his beer.


Kay Starr seems to be pretty good at the easy let down and still make

something good out of it. "I think its for the best Luke."


Luke Cage nods and looks you over. "If you say so.." He quickly drains what is

left in his beer can.


Kay Starr pats your hand. She knows it bugs him, but it needed to be done for

both their sakes. "I do Luke. "


Luke Cage sits with his back to the couch and pulls you to his side. "I am

sorry. I guess I had different expectations."


Kay Starr nods, "I know.. I saw it in your eyes. But after my three strikes

within a years time I'm none so eager to make a fourth with the best friend of

my brother. Sides could you imagine the teasing we'd get from him. We'd never

here the last of it." she notes. "Also, I'm none so sure how compatible we are.

So friendship would be a good thing to be at. So we can talk about stuff and

get to know each other better. Who knows, maybe we could date again."


Luke Cage nods his head. "Yes, I know he would give us some shit, but I

thought you were worth it."


Kay Starr smiles. "That's sweet Luke." she says honestly and squeezes your

hand. "So are we cool? I didn't hurt that big old heart of yours too much did



Luke Cage shakes his head, but it is fairly obvious he is disappointed. "Yeah,

we are cool." He stands up and heads to his fridge. "Ya, want something else o



Kay Starr let's out a breath. "I'm fine thanks." she returns her attention to

the bridge. That was the hardest thing she had to do in awhile.


Luke Cage pulls out malt liquor for himself and returns to the couch next to

you. He pops open he bottle and takes a swig as he looks to the screen.


Kay Starr bites her lower lip a bit and continues watching the screen. She'll

probably get flack from Danny for doing this. But she can handle him.


Luke Cage takes another long swig of his drink and then glances over at you

before looking back at the screen. "Ya want anything to drink?" He inquires as

he tries to figure out how to shift gears from romantic to brotherly


Kay Starr looks over. "I'm fine thanks Luke." She sips on her Sprite and takes

another handful of popcorn.


Luke Cage reaches over and takes a handful of popcorn himself and munches on

it. He looks over Kay in her pretty dress as he mentally sighs knowing how

fine she looks in that dress.


Kay Starr eats her popcorn and tries to enjoy the movie. But having to let

Luke down really kind of spoiled it.


Luke Cage is not really into the movie either. He quickly downs this bottle of

malt liquor and eats more of the popcorn


Kay Starr looses her appetite for salty foods and wonders if he has chocolate

around... she has a feeling she'll need it when she gets depressed over this



Luke Cage looks over at Kay and sighs as he thinks she is not enjoying herself.

"Ya ok?"


Kay Starr looks over at you. "I kinda lost my interest in this movie.." she

tells you honestly. "I guess having to let you down bothers me."


Luke Cage nods his head and looks to the screen. He picks up the remote and

turns off the movie. "Any other flick ya been wantin' ta see?"


You say "Not really Luke. I'm not a big movie goer."


Luke Cage nods his head and turns off the TV all together. "So, what to ya

wanna do?"


You say "Could I ask you what expectations you had?"


Luke Cage shrugs his shoulders. "I was hoping to enjoy the movie with

you..maybe get a kiss..and then take ya home."


Kay Starr hmms. "Well a kiss wouldn't hurt...


Luke Cage smiles at you. "Do you want to kiss me or is it just something o

try to make me feel better?"


You say "Well you wanted honesty.. so a bit of both.""


Luke Cage nods and looks over at you. He reaches out and strokes your cheek

very gently as he starts to lean towards your red lips


Kay Starr looks up into your dark eyes for as long as possible, then closes

her eyes takes in a breath and holds it there before she lets it out as our

lips meet.


Luke Cage pulls your closer as his full lips press to yours tenderly as he

gives you a long soft tender kiss. His hand gently strokes your back as he

kisses you


Kay Starr is almost afraid to kiss Luke back. There are too many 'what ifs' to

a kiss and it could only make his disappointment worse any way she plays it.

She finally does return it though.


Luke Cage mmmms softly as he feel you returns his kiss. He lengthens the tender

kiss as his strong hand lightly massages your back


Kay Starr let's it continue for as long as she can without crossing into that

gray area of how long is too long before you give the guy the wrong idea and

totally blow what you said prior to the kiss.


Luke Cage breaks the kiss but say close to you. He gently places light tender

kisses on your lips as he looks deep into your eyes.


Kay Starr pulls back a little, giving a little space between us. "You make it

very hard to stick to ones guns Luke Cage." she tells you. "But I have to stay

with them."


Luke Cage smiles and strokes your side gently. "You are a very beautiful woman

Katherine Starr. I admire you for your beauty as well as for your



Kay Starr raises her brow. "When did I tell you my real name?" that's the

second guy! She's starting to wonder if every guy she knows met Stephen cuz

not even Danny knows her real name that she can recall. "And thank you Luke.

You are kind with your compliments."


Luke Cage shakes his head. "You did not, but you forget of my main job.

Information is my business. I looked at all the Warriors to see what I could



You say "Funny I never told the Warriors my real name either. Exactly where

you get this information."


Luke Cage smiles and shakes his head as she changes the subject from his kiss.

"The foster child agency is easy to get information out of...if you know where

and how to look."


You say "Oh? Damn, maybe I should hire you to find my real Mother and Father



Luke Cage smiles and nods. His hand still on your side gently stroking. "I bet

I could find them.."


You say "How much?"


Luke Cage shakes his head. "I could not charge you, Kay."


You say "Seriously?"


Luke Cage nods his head. "Yes, seriously.."


Kay Starr purses her lips and unpurses. "Okay. "


Luke Cage watches the lips he just kissed purse and unpurse. "Of course you

will have to get me all the information your know.."


You say "Well there's not much I do know Luke.""


Luke Cage nods his head. "Well, any information would be useful.."


You say "Well my Mom left me at the hospital. Not even sure if they'll release

my birth certificate."


You say "You'd have to go to Seattle to get to it."


Luke Cage nods his head. "Grease enough palms, and you can get the information

you need."


You say "Yeah.. thing is even if you get the information. Then you got to find

out if they are still alive. Then try to track them down. Then there's the

question if they even WANT to see me."


Luke Cage nods his head as his hand still rest on your side. "All I will do is

get the information. I will let you decide on what to do with it"


You say "All right Luke. Deal."


Luke Cage smiles at you as his dark eyes look into yours.


Kay Starr smiles back. "I better get going Luke. It was a nice date. I did

enjoy your company."


Luke Cage nods and smiles. "Yes, it was very nice. Maybe we can do it

again..when you feel more comfortable."


Kay Starr nods. "Maybe so. Night Luke." she kisses your cheek.