Thor walks through the busy square, his appearance obviously setting him apart

from the

humans, not to mention the wide berth most give to him because of his size and

sometimes just

because of plain old awe. His reasons for being there aren't overly discernable

considering he

doesn't really look to be heading to a particular building, but merely seen to be

walking among

the people, the gaze of his deep blue eyes passing over as many people that he

passes as possible.


Succor is hovering about 50 feet above the nightclubs. Quite visible since her

blazing engine fire

calls a little attention to herself. That makes some look up and shake their hand

at her, uttering

cusses that would make their Mothers smack them up side the head. Succor is up

for the

challenge of course. "You sure you kiss your mom with that mouth?' she shouts

down at one that

is particularly nasty with his mouth. The man mouths off some more and Succor

just ignores him

after that. He's not worth her time. Least til he tries something.


Thor is stirred from his partial reverie by the goings on of some human shaped

metallic being in

the air and a group of rowdy people below. He sees no reason to get upset at the


conversation, per se, but it can't hurt just to see what is going on. He

approaches before allowing

his own unique voice to boom out. "Verily, thou are unique among these people,

strange flying

machine. The Mighty God of Thunder would know who thou are?"


Succor turns her head toward Thor and stares for about a full 10 seconds before


(DAMMNnnnnnnnn) she muses. (Mom told me about built like a brick ****house but

that takes

the cake.) She lowered down somewhat as the man comes closer. "My name is Succor.

Ex New

Warrior. Now me doing my thing on my own. Keeping an eye out for trouble and


stopping it before it starts." she replies in a similar shout. "Just a FYI, I'm

not a machine ... but a

human inside one. Sorta like Iron Man in a fashion.. just not powerful like him."

she notes. You

almost sense the sadness there, like her prize machine she built herself from

scratch was nothing

compared to the better powered suit of Iron Man.


Thor smiles a bit in understanding as the obvious is explained to be something

different. "Thou

be a protector of Midgard's people, anon?"


Succor takes a pause as she eyes someone staggering down the sidewalk not some 10


away. "Could say that, pardon me." she blithely flies up to the man and snatches

his keys. "Uh uh

uh... none of that now." she chides the man. He beats on her legs, which is all

he can reach as she

hovers up somewhat. "Call a cab, then you get your keys when it comes." she tells

the man.


Thor falls quiet as the man in the machine momentarily leaves. Thor takes the

opportunity to

watch and think up his next question. "Why doth thou hide behind a mask?"


Succor idly jingles the drunk man's keys like a tease. "Why don't you sir?" she

asks back. Surely you don't wish to know WHY.. that's just silly to her. The drunk man grunts and

calls himself a cab and waits for it to arrive. Staring at the metal menace. "There.. now don't

you feel better for calling a cab?" she asks sweetly. She jingles his keys again just above his head.

"To hide my true identity blondie.. wha' else?" she states. "Can't exactly announce to the world

who I am under this get up now can I?" she pauses. "What is your name.. I didn't catch it... God

of Thunder isn't that helpful."


Thor looks offended that Succor does not know who he is. "I am Thor, mighty

warrior-born son of Odin, the all father, denizen of Asgard and supreme God of Thunder."


Succor catches the look that crosses his face, oops... well guess she was a

little too busy in school and doing her own thing to keep up with the local hero structure. Really

should of studied it while she was with the Warriors. Ah well. "Nice to meet you Thor. Sorry if I

didn't know before." she offers. She jingles the keys at the man again, "So which one is it

hot shot? The red Porsche maybe?" she asks the drunk guy. "What is it with you men and your red

sports cars I dunno..."


Thor watches the continued interplay and eyes Succor curiously. "Why dost thou

belittle the mortal? Dost thou think thee better than he?"


Succor's little playmate doesn't want to answer, though his Cab arrives. "Your

ride is here." she announces. She waits for him to get into the cab, she sets down and gives the

keys to the driver.

"Make sure he doesn't come back here to get his car ok." The cabbie nods and

drives off she turns to Thor. "I was just playing a bit with him, no harm done. Face facts Thor,

I am better than a drunk ... He could of killed someone if he was allowed to drive on his own."

she states. "H e probably won't remember a word I said anyway once he

wakes up from his hangover."


Thor says "'Tis still nay a reason to fling insults. Thou wouldst nay feel the

same way were the mighty Thor to tease thee with thine own faults and shortcomings."


Succor chuckles softly, "Have I faults? Sure. Shortcomings? Yep. So I know I have

em and pointing them out would be an exercise of futility. I wasn't really insulting the

man anyhow." she points out. She hovers upward to about 20 feet to resume her scan of the area.

"Sides, even gods have faults."


Thor chuckles. "Thou switch subjects unto me when I nay didst a thing. Verily, a

sure sign of insecurity." Removing the battle hammer resting in the belt at his waist he

begins to whirl it round before letting it fly from his hand and grabbing onto the leather thong at

the last possible second and being pulled up into the air away from the area. "Thou think 'pon

this: Be thou truly aiding the mortals or be thou only trying to make thyself feel better?"


Succor watches him go flying. "Seems to me you sir have already made up your

mind.. that is your 'fault' Maybe you should think about that." she shouts after him. (Just like

ever other man that I come upon.. goes running cuz they can't take a little womanly standing up

to their ways... ( hmph.) she goes back to her scan, letting him fly off where he will. Surely

they'll run into each other in the future.