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The theory behind playing Iron Fist is pretty simple to me. I'm a boy whose parents were killed at avery young age, and I was essentiall forced into a situation beyond my control. I have a lot of knowledge about easter religions but I see Danny as a man who spends his days trying to make other peoples lives better than his own.What I want to estabilish with Danny is his sense of friendship with all kinds of Heroes from his best friend Luke Cage to his relationship with Quicksilver and others. Danny's world and even his customs and ability to forgive have always fascinated me and I don't see him as a jerk, but rather one of the most able bodied humans on the planet, who, like Steve Rogers is reaching out to every person he meets. I guess that's the best place to start. I never want to stop playing Danny.


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Enemies List

Recently, I had my first run in with Scorpion, who literally threw Whisper, Lifeline and myself around like rag dolls. His strength is incredible. I also won't say what he coated my dojo with, but the man can't pitch for shit. :)

I believe scorpion to be one of my most dangerous foes. In the least, his weakness, which are not many, are still not enough to stop such a powerhouse.