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Iron Fist
I have been playing Danny rand at Marvel X-treme for six months now. I find him to be, perhaps the most refreshing character I've ever played.

I relish the chance to explore the inner demons and the problems of Daniel Rand-Kai's past. His character fascinated me immensely since I began to study him in the pages of Heroes for Hire.

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Basic Statistics:
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Sand- blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 27?
Species: Human?

Actor: Val Kilmer
Occupation: Entrepeneur
Martial Arts Trainer
Private Detective


The Iron fist

The Burning Fist:

Iron Fist can summon his spiritual energy called Chi to enhance his fighting ability. This technique is called the Iron Fist. When used his abilites reach that of Super-human. Daniel's ability rise to that above a man at the height of physical ability. The effect is spiritual and has a draining aspect whenever used. (SEE FLAWS FATIGUE).

Factors such as Danny's Speed, Strength, Stamina and Conentration all are enhanced and he becomes a fighter of the class of Captain America and other heroes.

When Summoning the IRon Fist Danny's hand appears to glow with the illusion of firey energy, but it is merely an illusion. In this state, Danny's hand becomes as hard as steel and can easily break through Wood and even brick.

Danny has been also known to cut through weaker metal while damaging and bending strngertypes.Danny's fist is also impervious to Harm when in this state and he can even hit an opponent with the force of a concusive blast.

The Healing Touch:

When Summoning the Iron fist to heal Danny does no different that when he summons it to fight.

Danny focuses his chi and the fist appears. Danny can use it to heal his own wounds or those of others.

This is the most draining aspect of the Fist. (SEE FLAWS:FATIGUE).

The Mind Meld:

The "Mind Meld" allows Danny to share and expand the consciousness with someone by focusing his spirit through his chi power. During the Meld, the two consciousness are temporarily fused allowing Danny to move about and experince the persons memories. In return the other person may experience and work with Danny's memories.

Based on the will power or willingness of the person Danny melds with also determines what Danny finds out. Often the Person is receptive, but depending on the situation the person can mentally fight Danny in the mental world not allowing him to delve deeply or even shallowly.

As well Danny can fight back a hostile invader into his private memories. Often Danny will attempt to keep his secret identity unknown from the person he melds with unless it is a teamate. The Mind Meld is also very draining and often requires a day of rest, depending on the amount of exertion and time Rand spends using the technique.