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Luke Cage/PowerMan



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Basic Statistics:
Weight: 300 lbs
Hair: Sand- blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: Appears 28
Species: Human
Occupation: Hero For Hire
Private Detective




Power Man


Luke Cage is extremely strong. His power comes from his affected body, which is hard as Steel. His strength level is that of a small powerhouse. He is about to lift a full sized pickup truck over his head with great effort and heft it at a target. Cars can be lifted and thrown about easily. He can pull up utility poles and use them as weapons with hardly any effort. Cage's strength is tied directly into his invulnerability. Cage is also earthbound; he being in direct relation to the ground often limits meaning his sole source of movement. If Cage is standing on a stage, one that can't support more the weight Luke handles, then he's will fall through the floor. In direct Correlation, Luke Weighs 300 Pounds and although he doesn't look heavy his molecular structure makes him a very heavy man. His limitations are quite clear at times.

Damage Resistance:

Luke's invulnerability to be officially, titled "True Invulnerability. This term describes Luke's power as the ability to resist damage and have most forms of Energy hurt him. The density of his body tissue has been artificially amplified. The result is that his body has the natural equivalent of very thick titanium plating, both inside and out. He can resist extremes in temperature from -100 to 2850 degrees Fahrenheit and electric shocks of 30,000 volts. Luke has been known to shrug off energy blasts from Doctor Doom and point blank bullet shots from high powered thugs. Cage's body collapsed a building on top of him and he's taken charging head butt and blows from the Thing, been launched into air by the blow and landed (Without dying). The effect of Luke's true invulnerability is at time questionable. He has stated that Bullets "Do hurt." Though it's been seen that knife blades break and he's walked out of fiery explosions, a little more than cheesed off. All this in mind Luke's brickline Hide would seem to make him unstoppable, but he does have some weaknesses. He is noramlly suseptable to mental, gas and sonic attacks (that effect the inner ear.)


Luke's body and mass density is directly effects his ability to take damage and recovers from it faster than any normal man. It takes quite a bit to actually hurt him. When damages, by heavy super powered means, Lukes body recovers from injury three times faster than a normal human. Cuts and scratches are gone by the next day, and more serious injuries are healed much quicker than one would take to recover if they were normal.