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Welcome. You've reached the Personal Data Pad of Booster Gold. You have security access. Booster Gold is the Protector of Booster Gold Industries and the occasional hero about Metropolis. Booster at the moment has started to pull together all his contacts in order to create a new breed of superteam.




Helena Bertinelli had a very high privilege background while growing up the daughter of Franco Bertinelli, the boss of a mafia syndicate. Everyone knew her, knew who she was, and treated her accordingly. While in a candy store, though she could easily afford it, she never had to pay for anything -- she was Franco's daughter. They gave her whatever she wanted. At such a young age,

Helena had no idea her father did, or what he was involved in, it was merely the way her life had always been. Nice, good, and safe. Then oneday everything changed. Helena had gotten into the car of a stranger while returning home from Fat Angelo's store. The man had claimed to be a friend of her father's and offered to take her home. She was missing for several hours, her family had no word on her whereabouts, and no clues where to find her. Her father was using every resource available to him, her mother was close to falling apart -- when Helena appeared on the doorstep accompanied by two police officers.She just stood there. Her clothes were ripped and there was strange expression on her face, a mask that didn't really convey anything.




History (Continued)

People pummeled her with questions: Where had she been? What happened? Was she all right? Had it been one man or two? But she said nothing. Not a single word. She didn't even look at anyone. She just marched right up to her room and shut the door firmly behind her. She sat on her bed in the dark, for how long, she doesn't even really know. She never spoke of it. Then or later. Her father vowed that he would send her away to keep her safe and that she would always have constant protection. She got that protection in the form of a bodyguard specially hired by her father. But with that bodyguard came the loss of breathing room, which was what she wanted most while in college later. She was mostly a recluse while in college, both by necessity and by nature, and had very few friends. They knew who she was, who her father was and the things he did. It served to set her apart as much as anything else. But then her world was torn apart again. But this time, it was by an assassin's bullet who was known as the Silencer. Helena had gone home for Spring Break and was having dinner with her family when the Silencer shot everyone at the table. Her mother and her father's associates were all killed right off. She was wounded,assumed dead, and she played the part. Though her father was wounded, he was still all right. But then the Silencer took him away by gunpoint. Later, the police seemed to take a particularly amount of joy in telling her that once they found her father's body it had been mutilated, his hands and eyes were missing. After the fruneral, Helena herself was the target of a sniper attack. It was by the same man who had killed her family.

Again, she seemed to be the prey for the all the predators of the world. It was then that she decided she both wanted and needed to leave school for awhile. Just as she was finished packing, her old bodyguard showed up at her door and offered to train her. He had said that unless she could protect herself, she'd always need someone else to do it for her. One of Helena's main goals in life was always to try and hunt down those men responsible for her father's death. But wrapped in that as well, was the desire to find and kill that man who first stole her childhood away from her. A chance she finally got in the form of a police officer who used her help for a case. Though in the end, she was denied the satisfaction of killing "The Smiling Man." A stray bullet had fatally wounded him during an ensuing gun fight. It was after these incidences that Helena visited the graves of her father and mother. She never had before out of the perceived shame she felt towards her father and the things he did during his life. But it was then that she realized that it wasn't shame towards her father that kept her away. But shame over what had happened to her all those years ago when she was only six years old. She had doned the mantel of the Huntress to run away from her past. To runaway from the hurt. The shame.

To mask Helena Bertinelli from the world. No longer would she be the Hunted, but now she would be the Huntress. Though at the gravesite,she wondered if she needed the mantel of the Huntress anymore. Perhaps she was past all of it. Now, she might be able to find a little peace after all these years. But then after she violently took down a bunch of guys defacing gravestones she made an even more pivotal decision. Maybe she didn't -need- to be the Huntress any longer, but she -wanted- it. She wanted to see right prevail over wrong. She wanted to see justice served to those who would tear the lives of innocents apart. She wanted to see the bad guys truly pay for their crimes. To die for what they did to her father, her mother, and what they did to her. The Mafia had destroyed her life. And she would in turn destroy them by any means at her disposal. But her anger and rage was not limited to the Mafia, though she holds a special hatred for them, villains everywhere earned her scorn. Helena moved away from her life in New York and back to Gotham City.

Here was a city that needed her. Though she quickly ran into trouble with the other local vigilante -- The Batman. Though Batman has a grudging respect for Huntress, their means to an end are completely and utterly different. While Batman wishes to subdue the bad guy and let the legal system deal with him, Helena holds no such mercy or compassion. She doesn't go out of her way to try and peacefully take someone out. She will instead use anything at her disposal to see that they go down and holds no compunction about death or killing them to achieve her end. Whatever it takes to get them off the street, permanantly, she will do it. Where many of the Bat-heroes are concerned about the rights of all, including those of villains, Huntress is only concerned with the rights of the innocents. The only right the bad guys have is the right to die, and by her hand if necessary. She doesn't care about the fair trial of this villain or that, if they are guilty of this particular crime or that. Even if they might not have done one thing, they are certainly guilty of several others. And therefore they deserve to get whatever is coming to them. This general attitude has served to cause most of the heroes of Gotham to regard Huntress as completely nuts. A loose cannon. Someone who's not exactly stable and could use some close monitoring. Her intentions are good. She's obviously on the side of the citizens. But the lines are blurred with her. In her quest to see justice done, she at times becomes almost as bad as those she pursues. But she doesn't see it that way. They're the enemy. What does it matter how they get taken out. Just so long as they do. Currently, Helena is a public high school teacher in Gotham City. And as ruthless and uncaring as she is against crime and those who commit them, she is the exact opposite as a teacher. While she's no pushover, she cares a great deal about her students and their welfare. That's why when teenagers, particularly one she knew or had as a student, get into drugs or crime, she takes it personally. And you can bet the person responsible will have to answer to her wrath. Those who corrupt earn a special brand of her fury.


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Ishiguro Takamura
Senshi Namoto

It is said that the sun may set in the West, but like a true enemy, the east is always looming like the coming of the sun.

The where-abouts of Ishiguro Takamura are unknown at the moment. Perhaps, the greatest enemy the Outsiders have ever faced is still at Large, as well as the fact that the body of Senshi Namota went missing from the Mertropolis morgue.

Could Ishiguro Takamura be planning something? Only time will tell. And what about the Eye of Shinto? The Outsider's only trophy from theur first Battle? What Secrets does it hold



Little is known about the very Secretive Organization known as Takamura Industries. Currently Ishiguro Takamura is at large.

Takamura is currently been discovered in the Province of Shanghai. His motives are still unknown.


  • Huntress appears occasionally in Batman and other titles.

Vital Stats

Position: Team Intelligence Officer
Basic Statistics
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes:Blue Grey
ge: 23
Occupation: School Teacher


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