Chinatown East -- New York City

This area is the home of many of New York City's oriental inhabitants. Chinatown has turned into a pure tourist trap, with numerous souvenir shops and Chinese restaurants catering to the influx of tourists into this area. The streets in this area are very narrow, some so that vehicle transportation is impaired. And with abandoned vehicles on the sides, sometimes on fire, that hinders traffic even more.
Area signs, banners, posters, and newsstands can be found everywhere offering things written in the Chinease language. The entire area has an overabundance of lights and neon.

Dammit! Dammit! You're gonna miss the liftoff! You had to go back to the library! You had to return those SAT books and now the Warriors Jet is leaving in 20 minutes and you're 30 minutes late! Five minutes ago your Com went off. "Movie it Tey, we got a schedule" says Danny, but that was five minutes ago! Man! Are you gonna make it?
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Tyer is right behind Danny, making quick tracks, "Sorry 'bout that... I know I was supposed to tell you a half hour ago... I just fell asleep."

There's no answer on the Com. No Danny is actually waitiing for your butt in chinatown west, and you don't hear his voice. Your 30 miniutes late. You round the conrner and slam into some guy! Ooof! "Hey you damn Kid! Watch where you're going!"

Tyer falls backwards, rolling and stopping on his feet, "Hey!" He looks to the man and growls, "You should watch where you're going."

The Man, a short, portly man looks at you. "Hey you little Shit, you ran into me!" He narrows his eye. He looks at you and then as your vision gets better you see who it is. It's the ringmaster guy. Sideshow Slim! The one that got away from the cops!

Tyer balls his fists up. (Slim! If I take him out... then we can... NO! I know! I'll follow him. He can take me to wherever he hides and then I'll lead the others to it!) "Why... arg... You're right. I'm sorry. Wasn't watching where I was going." (Just go... I'll play shadow for a while, it'll be fun.)

Slim looks at you. "what ever kid." He steps over you and keeps walking. He starts walking down one of the dark alleys.

Tyer smiles. "Sucker." He mutters before he jumps to his feet. He's good at following without being seen, he's made a living of it on the streets, but he never liked dark alleys. He keeps Slim in sight, but stays back enough to not be seen.

As you round the corner, you see that Slim is standing in front of a soda machine. He appears to be looking at it and talking. "Yes, I know. Yes, I know. No, I don't know. No, I'll find out. Look, I said it was an accident, Yes, I know you're the boss! Eshu, dammit, quit yelling at me. Yes, i'll take care of it." The whacko is talking to the coke machine

Tyer just kind of 'huh's?' until it becomes a bit more clear. That soda machine isn't just a machine with coke in it... it must be some sort of communication device. (Just hold back until he moves again)

Slim nods. "Allright, Yes, i'll move onto Phase two." "Yes, yes they did use martial arts. So? No, youre wrong! I say you're wrong. Yes sir. Yes Eshu. but why? no she's gone. Yes, she's gone. What do you mean look for him? You mean _look_ for him? Jesus he's a fucking kitty kat! you know what kind of trouble I could get into? Eshu! Dammit! He's gone!" He looks at te machine. "Look, i don't have time for this!"

Tyer blinks, then his hands ball into a tight fist. The kitty kat remark was about Sir Tyger. Tyer happens to /like/ Sir Tyger, and knowing that this man had something to do with what's happened to him... it's a miracle he's still hiding and not kicking that punk's ass.

Slim nods. "Okay, yes, i erased all the logs on the armor. Yes. All taken care of. We'll rendezvous in a bit." He nods. He moves his hand and presses something in it. Then he starts to walk down a side alley.

Tyer nods and moves after Slim. He reaches the coke machine and stops, there has to be something he can do about this. He glances after Slim. It's either him or the machine. (No, the machine ain't moving, Slim is.) He then starts after Slim again.

As you roud the nearby alley, you notice Slim is running! He must have seen you! He's running pretty fast! He's beating his fat little ass down the street and a pretty fast pace!

Shit!" Tyer blurts out, and starts sprinting after Slim. He's not too slow himself, plus he has the advantage of agility, which allows him to use objects and flips for an extra push, gaining ground when he knows it won't lose ground trying it.

Slim turns, He spins, taking out a small gun and firing! BLAM! Blam. BLAM! BLAM! The nearby brick wall splinters, shrapnel from the brick nearly misses you! A crate explodes, a plant explodes too and you feel somethinging go whizzing by your ear!

Tyer dives to the ground. He lands on his stomach and slides to a stop, covering his neck with his hands. When it sounds like things are a bit calmer, he jumps to his feet. "I /hate/ guns!"

Slim has run down another alley! His footsteps are echoing in the distance! You can hear the sound of people yelling, as he enters the laundry district!

Tyer would take the high post onto the roofs, but he might lose Slim in the time it takes to get up, so he hotfoots it to where he heard Slim go.

As you round the corner, you can see the fat little man is still in sight, he's a ways down! He's fast for a fat guy too. Damn, it don't seem possible. And there he is shoving through the laundry district, He turns and continues running, when he sees you! Shooting down another back alley!

Tyer darts for the back alley, trying to catch up with fatty before he loses him. "Talk about using fat for momentum!"

As you turn this last time you almost have him, but as you turn you see him standing there. His gun in hand, an overturned laundry delivery cart and a small boy, no older than five, and of all the boys in Chinatown, it just happens to be Tommy Chu! He cocks the hammer back on the gun *CLICK!* and puts it to the side of Tommy Chu's temple. Tommy looks at you. "Freeze you little punk, or I'll blow this chink's brains all over the sidewalk!" He looks at you. "Make a move if you don't believe me."

Tommy looks at you, a little scared. "Please Mr. Tey. Please, I--" Slim growls. "Shut the hell up!" He moves the gun closer! "Get onthe ground, NoW!"

Tyer growls, "Let him go bastard... this doesn't involve him!" He starts to kneal down, slowly, looking for a way out of this one. (Damnit! Damnit damnit damnit damnit damnit!!!)

Slim smiles. "That's right, it involves his brains, my gun and the concrete now shut up and get on the ground! But before you can even try again you feel something hit you in the back of the head, hard! You start to feel faint. Out of the corner of your eye you see what looks like a Chrome plated hand. Something hit you and hit you hard.

As you start to fall unconscious, you see Slim shake a little. "I. ..I. . he was following me." The gruff voice says. "Take him inside! Then everything goes black.

When you wake up, you're in a dark room. You feel something brush against your leg. You can't move your arms. They hurt and they are tied, and you're not sure, but something is on the back of your neck. Something small. The room is dark and in the corner of your eye you see Slim standing there, behind him, a shadowy figure, but all you can make out if the long red cloak. He seems to be sitting in a chair. He rubs his dark chin. Slim walks over to you and throws a glass of water in your face. "Wake UP!"

Tyer blinks, shaking his head, "Huh?! Where am I?" Groggily.

"You, my dear child are my guest." The shadowy figure, has a charming accent, you can't make it out, but it's definitely not the guy who hit you. He sounded big and mean. Slim looks back. "Eshu, we should..." The shadowy figure speaks again. "Silence!" You can sort of make out his hands, from the shodows, they wear blue gloves. "Normally, i don't take many guests, young boy, but you're special, because of this, aren't you?" His gloved hand is holding your New Warrior combadge!

Tyer lunges at the combadge, though he won't get far. "Give that back, ass hole! That don't belong to you!"

*Chuckle*. "My dear little overanxious brat, you belong to me now." He sits in the corner. "I am older than you can imagine, and more powerful." he is still obstructed. "You however, have become a problem, oh, by the way, do you like my work?" Slim snickers. The glove hand points down and you notice, that the thing rubbing against your leg, is, well, you. You now have a tail. When you tried to lunge you ached a little. Cause the chair is firmly planted in the ground. But OH MY GOD! A TAIL!

Tyer stares at the tail in shock, trying to get it to move as he wants to make sure that it is really a part of him. "What... the fuck... did you do to me!?"

"Oh come now my adorable little morsal, I simply added an improvement." Slim smiles at you. The man in the shadows is chuckling. "See, i make and do what i want. When I want." He stays in the shadows. "Now here's the problem. You've become a liability to me. Yes, you have my little boyscout. Since you know to spot some of my agents, that means, the New Warriors may or may not know, so they'll have to be taken oout, or we'll have to find out, what they know? What do they know? Don't suppose you'll tell me?"

Tyer narrows his eyes, "If you hurt one hair on any of their heads I'll..." (Classic interruption opportunity time)

"No, I don't suppose you will, which is why we have to fuind out." He smiles. "Tyer, meet your twin. *chuckle* you're long lost Twin." Out of the shadows steps, well, you. Damn, it's uncanny, he's even wearing your clothes! He looks just like you. It is you! Damn!

Tyer shoots his eyes open wide. "That's... no... Damn you!" He starts figiting in the chair, "Let me out of here and I'll teach you what it means to cross a Denburg!"

"Oh, god, you are a funny little Bug! You are, you are! " The shadowed man smiles from the shadows. "Tey two. I call him that, isn't it funny. Tey two, I want you to find the warriors base, if you can, find their computer and find out what they know, if they know anything. Perhaps, boyscout here just sought to get a merit badge by chasing a wanted man down." Slim turns his head. "Eshu, I--" "Shut up!" The shadowed man ponders. "If the warriors don't know anything, then return to me, but if they do. Execute them one by one. With extreme prejudice." The shadowed man smiles, revealing white teeth. "Sorry Tyer, just business." Tyer 2 walks toward you. He slaps you across the face and takes your wallet and your pay stub and your sat scores. He also takes out a picture clipping you have of Jenny, from maybe the newspaper. "Sweet piece of ass! Man the things I could do to her!" He smiles in your face. He leans forward and slaps you again. "I work in a Dojo? eh? Probably for some loser.."

Tyer launches a foot at Tey two if it isn't tied down. "As soon as I get out of here, you and I are going to dance... the dance of your death!"

Tyer 2 laughs and gives your leg a good kick! "You don't scare me!" He smiles. "I have all your powers and more." He smiles. "Maybe I'll bitch slap this little whore" He smiles. And then maybe I'll tell Mike what a total prick he is. And then maybe, maybe I'll pour gasoline all over the Dojo and light a match." He smiles. "Awww you are such a cute little loser when you are tied up." He smiles. "See ya tail boy." And with that he walks out the door.

Just then, Slim takes a step forward. "Comfortable? Want a bottles Water? Maybe some appetizers?" Just then he swings his fist hard! You feel like you were hit when a ton of bricks! The room goes black.