Top Ten Villians

10. Scorpion file

(Most Despicable Act)

Covering Rand-Kai Dojo in, um Poop?

9. Bullseye

(Most Despicable Act)

Kicking Iron Fist in the balls when he was down.

(Yep That's Right) And then giving him a black eye. (Muther humper!)


8. Undercover Lt. Max Boyd

(Most Despicable Act)

Executing an entire room of undercover cops and drug dealers and blaming the Warriors for it.

Oh and then going home, having a nice coffee, and doing lines of coke.

7. Klaw

(Most Despicable Act)

For generally wiping the floor with a bunch of Warriors and causing Whisper to lose her powers for two days. He then had a nice lunch afterwards.

6. Goblin King

(Most Despicable Act) file

Writing on the walls of a slum alley with the bloody stump of some poor schmoe's arm. He also forgot to cross his t's and dot his i's. And his handwriting is atrocious.

And he wrote in fragments (Of human bodies that is!)

And then he broke Green Bolt's leg, and you know she's like a runner-track star , so that's a waste of some good looking gams! Poor little hottie.

5. Eshu? (The Shadowed Man)

(Most Despicable Act) file

Well, we just don't know who he is. And he basically made the Knights of Wundagore little kids. And then hetook these poor animals and tried to make them into a bonfire and then he cloned Tyer!

And to prove what a jerk he was, he gave the real Tyer a tail and then laughed at him.

And oh, he just won't show his face in the light.

4. Dai-Lin

(Most Despicable Act) Log

He tried to start a war. He called himself a stupid name like "The Black Rose" (Looks like he's been watching too much Ranma 1/2) He poisoned Iron Fist. He murdered an old man with a glass of water. He tried to merge the realities of K'un Lun and Earth. Oh, and he mind controlled a poor little boy. (That's perverting the decency of a minor! Man, he's a scumball!)

3. Enchantress

(Most Despicable Act) File on the Enchantress

She basically, wouldn't give us any.

(I mean C'mon, have you seen the chick! Just Kidding)

No, she basically tried to bring about the end of the world--twice.

And she mindraped (And I do mean raped) several Warriors.

2. Arcade

(Most Despicable Act)

Besides wearing cheezy bowties and looking like a howdy doody rip-off, he quizzed the Warriors on hardstuff like Euclidian Geometry, Junior highschool pre--calculus, and riddles.

Just kidding. He murdered a 12 year old girl by dropping a giant anvil on her head.

The Little punk has seen one too many cartoons.

And the Number one New Warriors Villain is:

#1. John Faust

(Most Despicable Act)

He stole a bunch of AIM WEAPONS.

Put them on the street.

Hurt a bunch of folks.

He pimpslapped Night Thrasher with his own Escrim stick!

He also interupted a basball game--go Yankees!

To quote Lifeline: "Credit where credit is due."

He started the Warriors.

And his brother has a girly name. Dominique Faust. Oh and he's a cheeze head. :)

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