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Position: Team Tech (Freelance)

Basic Statistics:

Fullname Katherine (Kay) Starr

Height: 6
Weight: 120
Hair: Redish Brown
Age: 26

Occupation: Freelance Engineer

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Jason says "Sight or whatever."

You say "He wouldn't let you out of what?"

Jason says "Then he and Succor came all down on me for poor performance."

Jason says "The hologram."

You say "I guess I need to know what happened exactly, from your point of view?"

Jason says "I was called to go train. But it was another simulation thing and I wasn't ready so I told him to count me out. But he didn't, even after several requests to let me out. I ended up doing what I only know how to do. And they yelled at me for breaking a hologram's ankle after I clearly states I wasn't participating in no simulation. They forced me to do it. I wasn't ready. I can't do this."