Sketches from the Plano Toy Festival

With all due respect to the people who play these characters on Marvel Extreme, I thought it would be neat to see some of them fleshed out by an artist. The interesting thing, was that the artist Erik Reeves worked with the Inker on Heroes for Hire, one of my favorite comic books, and these are his visions of some of the characters, based on my lopsided descriptions.

The last Sketch, of Luxor and Terrina was slightly unfinished, but he expressed an interest in finishing it. I hope all the warriors enjoy these and that I've not offended anyone Cheers!


Sketch 1 Iron Fist and Irissa (As I imagine them)

Sketch 2 Anthea/Dryad

Sketch 3 Seth (Kaos) and Gabe (Tsunami)

Sketch 4 Luxor (Sean) his Kid and a watchful Terrina