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Still working on this section.

Where does one start? This page is under construction.At the moment the idea is excessively grand.. The page will focus on things about me, thingsI love. Weird things. All kinds of things. Aesthetics and images that reach in different ways. The site will not be boring. It will be unique and a trip, if such a thing is possible with a webpage. Above all of this, it will be my page. If you don't like it then you're just shit out of luck.

So, let's start. Maybe we can get some ground covered. These e-mail thing send me mail, so don't piss me off.



I find my love fishing

His feet in the shallows.


We have breakfast together,
And drink beer.


I offer him the magic of my thighs

He is caught in the spell.


--Egyptian, from 1500-1000BC, translated by Ezra Pound and Noel Stock


on a roll (with lotsa butter)
Cheating the clock
Hoping time will
Roll over and allow us our
Island in a Sun speckled stream
Teaming up with faith (not quite blind)
(One eye is open)
Pressing my luck until there are no
Hints of wrinkles
Emoting with much drama on a
Regular basis
Investigating our collective
Munching on maybe
Yearning for
Your yum yum YUM
Undermining my
Mood swings and
Messy mental muddles
You are the one to clean up for
My lover, my friend
At last we are found- ancient yet

Aesthetics of Me

This section will allow me to talk about what my aesthetics are in art and life. On all levels I will discuss my personal Duende, it's a real term, (LOOK IT UP!)

Basically, this is my page so allow me to blow my own horn, it suits me. There will be a deeper context to this, but the things that do make us up are our obsessions. I intend to live with and in them and to make them real and flesh. Our lives are focused on the things we are and the things we do. I know this is true. If you don't believe it, then basically take a look at the millions upon millions of "personal webapages" that are out there.












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