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prototype suit designed
by the Taylor Foundation

Position: Team Spy
Name: Sean Patron/Kyle Masters
Basic Statistics | Powers
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Skin: Literally snow white
Hair: White
Eyes: White (but with pupils)
Build: Thin and toned
Occupation: Former Thief
Currently Working off Debt
in the Employment of the New Warriors.
Currently Working off Debt in the Employment of the New Warriors


Luxor is wanted dead or alive by the FBI, and dead by the Russian Mafia.

He doesn't know if the MLF is after him now, so he assumes that they are. It's hard to live when so many people want you dead. He spends his days running from place to place, hoping not to be noticed by one of those people who are nuts over America's Most Wanted.

He has no friends to help him, and he doesn't know what happened to his parents. He hasn't seen them since he discovered his powers


Luxor's suit looks like simple thinsulate, like a wetsuit, coming tightly to his skin. It has one sole purpose: to enhance solar light that it comes in contact with in order to keep Lux awake when he wears it. It can't keep him awake if there's absolutely no plasma based light, of course, though it can store up to 3 hours of energy to keep him stable until he reaches some light again. It takes another three hours to charge back up with that energy during the day,and 5 hours at night

The suit can collect energy even when turned off. However, there is moonlight, which is reflected sunlight, he will be able to remain awake quite well with his suit on. He wouldn't very powered, and will get tired, unlike during the day. The only power he can use without passing out at night with the suit is Flare, because it doesn't take any of his own energy, it's all solar. The suit has a cooling unit for regulating the intense temperature, but the suit has to be taken or turned off during the day, because the increase in temperature is too great for the cooling systems except under winter conditions of 35 degrees or colder.

Lux's powers aren't really increased when he is able to wear it during the day, because his body can only absorb so much light at a time. His physical ability may some day increase, but it isn't going to be due to the suit if it does.


Probably one of Luxor's most handy abilities for his type of life is the ability to bend light. His ability to conrtol the refraction of light makes him or whatever he chooses to be invisible. If he chooses himself, though, there is problems. Being that he is bending light around himself, none of it is hitting him to give him power back, so he can tire easily when trying to hide himself. After 5 minutes, he would still feel quite ok, tired as if he had just walked for 5 miles. After twenty minutes, more like he ran 5 miles. If for some strange reason he was forced to hide himself for 30, he would collapse, and have to rest for quite a while before even thinking about doing anything. When he is hiding something else, things are different. He can keep his concentration on such things fairly well, so there isn't much difficulty in maintaining it, as long as he is gaining energy from the sun. However, if something is alive, and moves, it can be harder. He doesn't want to bend more light than he has to, so if something moves out of te refracted area, it is easily visible again. In refracting light, he can also make it dark in some areas, or brighter in others. In this he can make anything he wishes to be invisible, as long as he is within the view of the object he wants to hide, and can determine it's distance from him. If he cannot see the object, than he can try to hide it, but unless he knows exactly where it is, he will probably be unsuccessful.


One of the few things he can do that doesn't require a lot of energy, flare is not much more than a fireworks display. Gathering solar energy, or his own, he can form a ball of light that is the approximate size of a baseball which he can throw, float, or whatever he needs to light up a room. It forms in but a split second, and can't hurt anyone, but it's helpful as a flashlight. This ability can often be done even at night, being that it doesn't require any energy of his own. With moonlight, the luminous ball is not nearly as bright as during the day, but bright enough to help someone see where they are going. He can control the direction of the light at any time while it exists, changing direction in mid-flight, bouncing it off of a wall, throwing or floating it in place. He doesn't really need any speed with it, but he has the ability to move it at the speed of light across the room. However, he's never really tried, so there's not much way that he would know that. It usually goess up to about 50 mph if he needs to move it quickly. When it is no longer neccessary, the flare disappears as quickly as it was formed, puffing out like smoke. Of course he can't usually use it at night for long, because he himself cannot stay awake for long. He can vary the size and color of these balls of light, and change their shape at will. It can be a beam coming from his body, a ball, or any other shape that he can think of, but usually takes the form of a ball unless there's a reason for it not too.


Probably the most difficult thing for Luxor to do is project a holographic image of himself. It requires not so much energy as it does complete concentration. To bend light in such a way that it reflects off of nothing, it is incredibly hard to form it in a replica of himself. It often takes several minutes for him to try to shape the hologram, and when he is done using it, he is mentally exhausted, as one might be after MUSHing for 7 hours straight. Needless to say, he doesn't excersize this ability often, because it is rarely practical. Being that he can make a hologram of himself, he can also create a hologram of other things, but he must limit it to something simple. He might make a box, or a wall, something with very little detail so he doesn't have to concentrate on it. If he chooses to make a hologram of himself, it often takes 2-3 minutes to form one that is decent enough in detail to fool someone that stands closer than 10 feet. If he is making a box or a wall or such, he can make the hologram in a matter of a second or two. He also cannot make a hologram something that moves, or at least not have moving parts,it would be hard to split his attention that greatly to concentrate like that.


In addition to merely bending light, Lux can alter the course of the sun's rays to concentrate on a certain point much as a magnifying glass would. This can become incredibly powerful depending on the amount of light he chooses to use, perhaps several thousand times normal sunlight. There is almost no limit to the amount of light he can control, only the amount present. He can make the magnification as little as 2x the sun, or up to as much as 15,000x the sun on a full summer's day. It can only easily be done though when the sun is well up in the sky and there are no clouds in the way. He often tries to obstruct the use of this ability, though, for doing so can be very obvious to the surrounding area if someone merely looks up. The bending of the light can be seen for miles sometimes, depending on how much light is being bent and at what altitude the bend starts from. Lux tends to try to keep a low profile whenever possible. An example of this is when he started the forest fire in order to escape from the FBI.

Balls of Fire

A recently discovered power lurking within Luxor's ability, this is a variation on the power of Flare. Unlike Flare, howerver, this can take an immense amount of power depending on how much of a punch he wants to deliver. The balls can be as small as paintballs, and doing likewise amount of damage, or he might use all of his energy in a desperate attack the size of an earthball, taking all of his strength and a lot of time to execute. The speed at which thesepulsating balls of light can fly are varied. They can go as slow as sitting still, or as fast 80mph. In theory, he could throw thme at the speed of light, but he hasn't realized the full potential of the power. He can control them throughout their existence, changing their direction at will, changing their speed and tragectory, but it can take a lot out of him to do so. The larger size is capable of exploding into a 20 meter radius. But he will have to stick around to reap the consequences, unless someone is kind enough to carry him from the scene. In creating a blast that large, he would almost certainly fall unconscious after it he has finished the move, if not sooner, and would not wake up for at least 2 hours. The smallest hurts like a paintball, not very badly at all, however he can do it all day. The type of explosion would do damage like dynamite would.

Lumine Blast

This is not something that would hurt, unless you are really suseptable to sunburn. Luxor can also take the solar energy which he gathers, and build it up within him temporarily. When he releases it, anyone within up to a hundred yards what are even looking in his general direction will be blinded temporarily. The feeling as the wave of light hits someone is that of being baked in an intense heat for a split second, and then it fades. When they have been blinded, it takes a moment to regain vision, much in the same way it does when someone loses their nightvision from having a flashlight shined in their eyes. For most eyes, the effect lasts for about 20 seconds with no vision, and then another 20 seconds with only a little vision. Generally it takes about 5 minutes to regain complete sight, but after the initial 40 seconds, it is possible to easily see again. If someone is sensitive to light, or has better than average vision, it will affect them a bit more strongly, causing them to be blinded for 30 seconds, and another 30 stumbling with little vision. People with shades