From: "Overload" "David R. Neilson" To: "Iron Fist"

Subject: Date: Wed, Jun 13, 2001, 11:57 PM Report: By Morris

K'un L'un is Iron Fist's home land it is located in a pocket dimension.
The portal to this dimension is located in the Tibetan mountains Specifically,
the K'un Lun Mt. Range. 

It is referred to in several myth's as a kind of Taoist paradise, 
and admittedly it is a very beautiful if also a dangerous place. 

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As noted it is ruled by its emperor and the thirteen nobles
each representing one of the ancient bloodlines. However these
representatives may be either adopted into this position as apparently Danny
was or appointed as Thea was. It is also important to note most Terran
technology does not work in this enviroment.

 According to local history in the beginning, before there were any races,
there existed the city of K'un-lun, in the mountains of Tibet. It was the
capital where several of the lords took up residence. Then one day, their
came an event called the great cataclysm. And it split K'un L'un from the
world, where it would have perished. But the great protector of K'un L'un, a
dragon, the greatest dragon of all dragons, the beast called Shou-Lao,
sealed K'un Lun in bubble, and used is power to link it to the world so it
would not dissapear. Over the years, there was quite a struggle, because you
see, it was very harsh, the energies Shou-Lao expended to harness K'un Lun
to the earth made him very weak, and so he had to sleep for many years in a
large cave at above the city. The City itself finally rested securely on
another plane, another dimension roughly 12 light years from our own For
many years Shou-Lao dissapeared from view, and the protector of K'un Lun the
great dragon was not seen. He roared occasionally above the city. For many
years the original bloodline began to die, and civil war raged. The oldest
men in the city, those believed to be secretly half dragon and the
offsprings of dragons, retreated into a building in the center of the City
called the hall of Ancestors. After many years, most of the original people
died in bloody war, but it was determined eventually that they should not
kill themselves. That they should strive for something more. Shou-Lao
himself, who once was very brave and honest and honorable became very
vengeful, and terrorized many of the people. The nobles, sadly, interpreting
his anger as displeasure sent him sacrifices, but that was not what he
wanted. He wanted someone to harness the power of his heart, as had been
done for years and years and years before the great cataclysm Shou-Lao's
heart was weak, and if someone didn't harness his power, then the bridge,
the portal between the worlds would eventually die, someone had to rebirth
This is of course where Danny comes in since he was the one who managed to
rebirth the dragon by slaying its physical form. However this did have a few
down sides, though it gives Danny his power it also increases his aggressive
impulses to the point where no prior Iron Fist has ever survived past
seventy, and all have died in battle. This is the reason that Danny is
currently looking for a successor whom he can eventually pass it on to. This
is one of the reasons the Dojo was established and he is now in our world.
The Hierarchy of the Black Rose:

During the Warriors First Trip to K'un Lun, There was a conspiracy to over
throw the governement of Kun Lun and to start a war. This war was stopped.

The path up the way to K'un Lun is guarded by a group of monks known as the 
Xao Jinn. The Boy's name was Xao.

For a breakdown on how the war almost happened, click here.=

This conspiracy was created by three Nobles. Sumen, Dai-Lin and Kino Kim. 

These nobles were possessed of certain powers. Kino had telekinetic Abilites
while Dai-Lin had a certain amount of mind control. The conspiracy group,
the Black Rose was broken up when the Warriors Discovered who was behind it.
Kino was killed. Dail-Lin was mind controlling the young boy Xao from beyond
the gate.  Currently Dai-Lin and Sumen are impriosoned in K'un Lun.

The Boy Xao of the Xao Jinn Monestary does not remember much about being
mind controlled.