The Concept : J'onn Jonzz (Hino Rei) goes to see the boss Ishiguro Takamura, one of the welthiest Japanese Industrialists on the planet in the executive chaber the Ivory Room.


The Ivory Room is very spacious and luxurious. It's vast and unique and there are several cases and displays--some of Takamura and his family. Some of some ancient Japanese artifacts, one appearing to a head dress of the last Emperor of Japan, and some excellent looking blades--all sheathed and on display. A small black table is decked out with all manner of foods, and you can hear someone moving in the washroom, perhaps washing his hands. As you pass to the table you note a rather nice display, with a dagger inside it. It looks strange, almost ancient in design--carved of ivory and bone and it has a jade blade, that seems to almost shine inward in the light. The Display reads. "Dagger of Shinto."

Pausing to examine each artifact carefully,
Hino takes her time getting to the table, and stands to one side, not seating herself until the host enters. A brief flash of nervousness hits her like a wave...that is, the human personality at the forefront. She fights the urge to pace, and waits.

Ishiguro Takamura steps from the back wearing a very nice robe of oriental silk and design. He comes in, with the faint foam of soap on his hands. "You like the Artifacts Hino? I picked a few up in Tibet. You know I have a great fondness for folklore and myth. You must be hungry Hino. Anyone with a work quote like yours deserves a better lunch that usual. Please sit." Takamura is very charming, but you can tell he's a very capable man. There are many types of sushi on the table. This you know is at least a 300 dollar lunch and there is even Ku-fu on the table and sake.

Hino Rei nods slightly, deferring to the man's much higher wisdom and experience, and looks appropriately pleased and embarrassed by his compliments. "I thank you for this Honor, Takamura-san. I am not worthy of your praise, nor this meal." She pauses for a moment, not sure what else to say to this man of power. "The artifacts are lovely. You are indeed a very esteemed gentleman to collect and hold such fine things." Taking a few steps back to the dagger, Hino looks back at her superior. "This dagger in particular is of particular religious value, it must have come at great cost." The impression is left that Hino is not merely talking about money, now."

Ishiguro Takamura smiles "Sit Hino." He begins to slice fish in front of you, almost powerfully and masterfully, placing them on rice cakes. "Cost is nothing to me." He takes a piece of Ku-fu and sucks it down without even blinking. "You see Hino, I was born in a small area outside of Hiroshima. My father was a farmer. He was lowborn and common, but he loved my mother. He loved her even though he knew she was the emperor's mistress. He loved his country more and he knew the cost of all things. He knew Hino. He knew his own son was the love child of the emperor and he said nothing, so when the time came to let his child go, to even let his wife go to the arms of the Lord of the morning, noon and night, my father payed the ultimate price. He did this without thinking, because it was right. So you see, Cost was nothing.."

He smiles eating another peice of Ku-fu as if it were salmon. "those who worry about the cost, never reap the rewards . Do you understand Hino?" He smiles. "So my father, this patriot, waited, a good man, He waited for the day, and when it came the Emperor came and took me. He took me. And a few days later, the Americans dropped the bomb on my father's home. The place I grew up as a boy. My father payed the ultimate price, but for a future. . .I saw it pour black rain on everything I loved and would ever love." He smiles again and drinks. "I am the future. Hino. The future of a slagging Japan that simply waits under the thumb of a weak West and an even fatter president who stuffs himself with Big Macs. But I am a collector. I will collect the momentoes of my past out of the ash, and they will be reborn new, just as you too can be reborn new. Just as your family, can reap the ultimate reward. Are you understanding me? Hino? Do you hear? You can be a part of that rebirth? There is a place for you and your family. Cost is nothing to me. Hino. Nothing..."

Hino Rei glances at Mr. Takamura, trying to mask her reactions to his words. It sounds as if the man wishes to start some sort of regime. Instead, she chooses her words carefully, and takes a small bite of the fish, to be polite. "It sounds as if you have the future planned out, Takamura-san. What will happen with my family should I agree to assist you? What sort of benefits will they reap? Forgive my ignorance in this matter, or my presumption for asking, but I only wish the best for those I care about, which I'm sure one as wise as yourself can understand."

Ishiguro Takamura smiles and sips his Saki. "You like the Dagger? Legend has it that the fbefore there were emperoros in Japan there were two kings. Brothers. Twins. They sat on a twin throne and one day the Gods came to them. They said 'You have a vast land." The two brothers noded. Theur names were Shinjo and Shinto. The gods said, Why not divide the land and one rule the east and one rule the west. Do this, and I will grant you each a wish." Well the first brother did so and went to the East. While Shinto went to the West. Well After that the gods kept their promises. Shinjo's wish was be the most powerful warrior on the planet. So the gods turned his right eye green. From that day on he lived in power..When the gods asked Shinto what he wanted, he said, "The power to kill Shinto." The gods gave Shinto a dagger. After this, the story falls apart, but you see Hino Shinto was wiser than his brother. He was not too greedy, and though he rules for a long time he feared no man. Both ruled, but Shinto is perhaps the wiser for he thought ahead. He took care of himself. Your family will be taken care of and you will find yourself always in peace. " AS he reaches for another fish, he hears his watch go off. "I'm afraid I have a businessmeeting. We shall talk again. " He stands and bows. "Goodbye Hino. Pleasent day." And with that, you are shown out of the Ivory room.