Jeremiah (Future) and Rob (Eidolon) had been living in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. It was at this homeless shelter that Jeremiah had been harassed by many of the pariahs and dregs of society, because of his uniqueness. His eyes were always glowing an ominous shade of red and he was also gay. It was around this time that he met Rob. Jeremiah knew who Rob was even before they met.

Jeremiah was a mutant with the ability to see the future. He was blessed/curse with the power of precognition. Rob was also a mutant. He had power over his own molecular structure and that of things he could. He could phase through certain objects and phase things with him. Knowing the future, Jeremiah knew they would join a small group of young heroes by the name of the New Warriors.



Having met the leader known as Night Thrasher, the two young mutant as well as their teammate, Nova, fought against a radical group of terrorists known as the

Friends of Humanity. They were able to save a child's life. It was after this that Future and Eidolon joined the team officially and went on many an adventure. The first major plight saw Future gain the hatred of the Asgardian witch, the Enchantress. She kidnapped the New Warriors (as well as the young Generation Xer, Wind) and the villain, The Absorbing Man.

They battled it out on the mythic realm of Asgard and managed to save that realm, while The Absorbing Man was able to escape with the legendary rock known as Uru. Having believed that Future had died on Asgard, he returned to Earth under the guise of his cousin, Jacob, and took the codename, Lucky. It was under this guise that he allied himself with Generation X.

He returned to the New Warriors, upon the discovery of his true identity and fought with the team against the alien Arax, who were trying to take over the planet. After the Earth was saved, the Enchantress reared her ugly head. She manipulated Jeremiah (now going by the codename of Nostradamus) into falling in love with his teammate, Nova. This caused chaos on the team. And she returned swearing vengeance against the New Warriors. In their final confrontation with the witch.

The mighty Asgardian gods captured her and banished her to Asgard. Things were too late for Jeremiah. He had been tortured and became crazy. After the team fell apart, Jeremiah (Going back to his original codename of Future) left the team and made way for the true Jacob to take his place.

Quote: Hmmmn, Night Thrasher, Nova, Namorita, and Nostradamus.....The N Squad!