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Basic Statistics:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 244 lbs (Well, 240's Close enough)
Hair: Sand- black
Actor: Mel Gibson
Eyes: Glowing Red
Occupation: Dojo Trainer
Position: Heavy Combat Specialist


Flameing aura
Connor is able to generate, at will or automaticaly when he percieves himself threatened, a field of crimson energy around himself that much resembles him standing in the middle of a large flame (hense the name). The aura is made from a flame-like form of bio-energy that Connor calls fyre (see Energy Absorption for where he gets the power). It quite visibly glows, and is hot enough to cause third-degree burns with just a second's contact, quickly incinerate flamable materials that come into it's field, and melt most metals with prolonged exposure. Oddly, even a millimeter outside the aura's perimiter there isn't the slightest raise in temperature, which supports that it's a form of energy other than true flame. Though quite nasty the aura can /not/ stop physical attacks, though a wooden bat wouldn't be useable for a second attack and punching him would send you into intensive care unless you had special protection or powers. Connor has yet to find a time limit to how long the aura can be sustained, though he hasn't tried for more than roughly an hour's length. Also, Connor's aura seems to be 'intelligent' enough that neither he nor any items of apparel (clothes, watches, glasses, etc) he's wearing are incinerated.


Another facet of Connor's power is his ability to 'project' various types of extension from the energy of his aura. They have the same temperature, energy makeup, and limitations as listed in Flameing Aura and, in the case of 'severed' extensions, spread and dissipate when they strike solid opposition. No projections are guided and, unless still attached to the aura, will travel in a straight line at extremely high speeds untill they exit the area they can maintain existance. The range for attached projections, like flamethrower effects and blades, is about 10' beyond his aura. Severed projections, such as fireballs and barriers, have a range of 30' at full effect and quickly dissipate thereafter... becomeing harmless by 38' out and dissapearing completely by 45'. As for the name of this power (Fyrebolts) Connor calls the flame-like energy he produces and controls fyre, and the most common projection (3 of 4 times he's ever projected) has been the detatched bolt.

Energy absorption

Every power has to have an energy source, and Connor's is quite diverse. He, at a totaly unconcious level, draws upon most forms of 'free' energy that contact him automaticaly, without thinking about it. 'Free' energy includes solar radiation (light), heat, electricity, projected bio-energy (aka, other mutant's power-blasts) and things of that nature, but /NOT/ kinetic energy, psionic energy, a person's inernal bio-energy stores, etc. Most forms of 'mystical' energy will have to be judged on a case-by-case basis, though as a rule it's probably non-absorbable.

His absorption is not absolutely effective and will only handle so much at once. This means that while he can grab most common hot objects and suck the heat from them without geting burned, stick forks in electrical outlets, and (if the situation arises) work unsuted with many radioactive materials and not get poisoned; but he would still be injured by a plasma-arc cuting torch, lightning, extremely heavy radiation levels, and highly charged blasts by other beings with powers like his (though the effect of the above would be somewhat reduced). Gambit's explodeing cards, bullets, cars, tons of bricks, fists, etc would hurt just as much as if they'd hit a normal person.