You enter the Metropolis city limits.
Metro: St. Martin's Island

This island borough lies at the mouth of the Hob's and West Rivers. It
is roughly divided into two districts. To the east is Uptown: once Metropolis'
premier amusement area, it was destroyed in a confrontation between Superman
and Ambush Bug. The fairgrounds were recently replaced with high-rise
condominiums and corporate office buildings. Much of its beachfront property
remains the most expensive in the city.
To the west is the East Side, which has the distinction of being the
communications and graphics capital of the world. Originally the property of
printer Gustav Grimes, The East Side is filled with steel and glass mid-rises
that house many of the world's acknowledged geniuses of graphic and commercial
art, architecture, and communications. Headquartered here are Metropolis' four
daily newspapers (the Daily Planet, the Daily News, the Star, and the Eagle),
the communications and publishing conglomerates that own them, and several
television and radio networks, including Galaxy Communications, Sun
Industries, and UBS, Inc.

Obvious exits:
Harbor <E> New Troy <SW> Planet Krypton <PK> Daily Planet <DP> Airport <AP>

He lands in the middle of these men and yells. "Go Away! NO! No!" He grabs at the nearest one and flips him easily like a sack of potatoes. "You can't!"
The air is silent, outside Planet Krypton. The tall, immense structure bears many signs. Most say. "CLOSING" or "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS." The Nearby construction crew starts to walk toward the building. Yep, they have big and heavy looking wrenches and crowbars. Suddenly out of nowhere there is a streak of Gold and Black. He lands in the middle of these men and yells. "Go Away! NO! No!" He grabs at the nearest one and flips him easily like a sack of potatoes. "You can't!"

Superman was flying around the area, in fact heading towards the Daily Planet. The plan was to find a phone booth, and change there into his other self. Those plans completely change as the flying Man of Steel notices the disturbance going on around Planet Krypton from up in the sky.

A frown on his face, the hero in red and blue pauses in midair and starts heading down landing next to the man that Booster Gold just flipped around, making sure that the man was not badly hurt and helping him up. "What's going on here?" Superman asks, turning his attention towards the one in gold and black.
Superman looked at you.

Booster turns, he doesn't really have time to notice Superman yet, and i'm sure if he had, he might be more in fear. One of the men swings a crowbar, narrowly missing Booster's head. He lifts his hand, Booster that is, and is like he shoves the guy, who tumbles into a fern bush. The guy he tossed isn't hurt, and it's sort of funny he's using restraint. He narrows his eyes looking at Superman and then there's recognition for a half second. He bites his lip and looks at him. "Super...superman?"

The mannerisms, the build, the hair and the outfit all look like Booster gold, but the face is covered. The voice is unmistakeable.

Talk about a stakeout paying off. That's exactly what our hero of the (zero) hour has been watching and waiting for. The time has come. Stepping out of the shadows, looking a bit more menacing than he should, is the world's greatest superhero (no offense Supes) BLUE BEETLE. Applaud when ready. His eyes narrow on the 'target', but his words go out to Superman. "Watch yourself... that's not Booster." A small smirk tugs at his lips, as he glances down at his wrist to make sure his back up is ready. "Well, it is and it isn't." Huh? would be the appropiate phrase, I suspect.
From afar, Blue Beetle has a wrist control thingy right? I forgot...

Another man was going to swing a pipe at Booster, as the one in black and gold turns towards Superman, but a blast from the Man of Steel's heat vision quickly melts the pipe. "That would be enough," Superman says, now walking forward with arms crossed over his chest. "What exactly is going on here," he states, his blue eyes fixed on Booster as he waits for the explanation.

Superman arches an eyebrow at Blue Beetle's words. "A clone?" he asks out loud, suspecting that to be the case. Superman has dealt with a few of them, and the Justice League had managed to get some information from one of them.

Booster takes a hard step back. He reaches for the door. He locks his hand on it. >>Access Denied! Please, Use pass Key<< He grits his teeth and narrows his eyes at Blue. "Stay away!" He looks over at Superman. "I have to know..."
Beetle steps on out into plain view now, just to get a better look at what's going on. As well as make sure Booster doesn't get away this time. Everything's set for capture and delivery. "You guessed it." he offers the Man of Steel, having only put it together not long ago himself. Hey, his brain's been preoccupied. Drones, still awaiting word.

Booster juiggles the handle on the door again. He growls. "Enough Talk!" He swings his foot hard and smashes the glass door to splinters! The alarm sounds and he runs inside Planet Krypton!

Planet Krypton(#729RFJMgn)
This is a very spacious place. The first thing that seems obvious is the vast amount of space. The room spreads outward and along the floor moving toward the back of the restaurant. To the left and right are numnerous tables each covered in delightful red and blue tablecloths. In the center of each table also seit what appear to be Bulletman and Bulletgirl salt & pepper shakers. The lighting here is excellent and the room seems to glow with a sense of magic. The jukebox in the corner seems to be playing a great selections of modern and golden-oldie tunes.
In the background the waiters and waitresses are dressed in very fanciful and reaslistic costumes. The giant skylight above lets in a warm amount of sunlight and the place is very cheery. In there are many display cases, but what is mostly relevant are the neat little models hanging from the ceiling. Over one table is what appears to be some sort of rocket and what appears to be the Batplane.Hanging in the center of the room is also what appears to be a model of the earth, except that it's square. This quirky item is one of the more eccentric.
In the corner is one of the nicer tables which seems equiped to deal with at least 7 seats. The table is coated with a big, blue tablecloth which has the Superman emblem on it. As well, the nearest other table. Other tables are draped in similar fashions, but none seem as nice. The stairs to the upstair area lead up and around, passing all manner of paraphenalia.
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Obvious exits:
Exit <E>

The minute that Booster enters PK he stops. Standing in the middle of the room, he turns, all these things, all these memories. He yells out. "Aaaahh! Too much...TOO MUCH" He grabs his head spinning, tears streaming down his eyes. He stumbles backward smashing into the Starro Sculpture! "I....I don't.. I remember....."

Superman had rushed into the Planet Krypton stopping on his tracks as he sees the little situation with the clone-Booster. He waits for Blue Beetle to catch up, and tilts his head in his direction. "Any idea since when he has been a clone?" the big blue asks, his attention then returning to Booster.

The Man of Steel sighs, "We may be able to help you, if you let us..." he says, trying to approach Booster.

Blue Beetle follows, simply to make sure that everything inside doesn't get wrecked like that door. Well.... that and he wants to catch this Clone-Booster so he can get his real Booster back. Cuz that's his buddy. Anyway, Beetle stands there looking all superhero like, BBGun in one hand and his wrist already to call on his buddies... which are stragetically placed around the area. He winces as the thing smashes into the Starro Sculpture. "The insurance company is gonna' have a field day by the time he finishes." is muttered over towards Superman. And then to answer his questions. "Possible three months." Eyes go back to 'Booster' now.

Booster keeps stepping back. He reaches and grabs a nearby display case with Superman
:keeps stepping back. He reaches and grabs a nearby display case with Superman's old Electro Superman outfit. He lifts it over his head. "You can't help me! Nobody can!!! I have to know what happened! I have to know who i am!" He throws the case hard at Blue Beetle!

"Alright. This is going for too long," Superman states, flying up to grab the case before it hits Blue Beetle and then moving at super speed to try and grab Booster from behind, to stop him from causing any more damage. "You have to calm down!" Superman states, his voice strong and determined. If in his power, he's not going to allow 'Booster' to cause any more damage to the building, others or himself.

"Think you can get some information out of him," Superman asks, looking up at Blue Beetle.

Booster starts to glow, somehow, this booster has all the gadgets of the old booster, So he moves, slightly! Superman's arm's clamp only around a forcefield, which then Booster, or whoever this guy is, then extends hard against Superman, trying to send Superman flying backwards.

Information? From a lunatic? Oh that should be easy. "I can try..." is all that's uttered, as Beetle steps forward to try an assist and/or distract this thing from hurting his other buddy. Beetle's got a lot of buddies huh? "On second thought..." is his next saying as he calls in the reinforcements. And here come the drones. 5 of 'em. And headed straight for Booster.

Superman was trying to play it nice, so the outburst from Booster takes him by surprise and does send him back against one of the walls. The Man of Steel manages to stop his flight, and avoid crashing through the wall. It wouldn't have done much to hurt him, but he doesn't want to bring down the place on them.

"I wish it wouldn't have come to this," Superman says, now rushing towards Booster to try and grab him again.

Booster turns, the panic look coming to his eyes. Suddenly, Superman and Beetle can make out the edges of the forcefield, that has pupped up. Booster Steps left and yells, firing off two blasts that take out two of Beetle's drones. Only two, but damn, he trashed five yesterday! Booster, Swings left pressing a button on the side of what looks like the Jonah Hex Case. The Case swings open revealing some kind of hallway! Superman should be able to miss hitting the forcefield. the drones are already at work gauging the weakness. Booster shoots down the hallway.

Beetle is torn between asking questions and taking this thing down. So he goes with the easiest one first. "Hit him there!" is yelled at the Man of Steel, while pointing at the weak spot of Booster's forcefield. Hey, best friends know these kinda' things, right? Right. Meanwhile, his brain pieces together where the enemy is going. Quicker than quick he changes the course of what drones he has left and sends them out and up. More than likely to the Krypton Dome, while he takes off down the hallway after him.

The Man of Steel moves in to follow. Trying to avoid anyone getting hurt, and the place getting too damaged is starting to become increasingly difficult. However, our big boy scout can't help but try. Just behind Booster, Superman follows him down the recently revealed hall way.
Booster floors it down the Hallway! As he turns the corner, Beetle's Drones come out of nowhere, he did head him off. He growls and smashes straight through them, extending his forcefield and making them scrap metal! He heads straight down the hallway and into what looks like a computerized room.

The Thirteenth Floor(#698RFJgn)

A stark, white walled, room withmetallic tables and computer screens. and a large, two-way communications screen at the far end. The controls for the communications array are laid across the bottom of the screen, and a few monitor-chairs float in front of it.
Two white, sliding doors offer an exit out of the room.In the Center of the room is a large table with over a dozen chairs. In the Center of the table is symbol of an O. Each spot has a computer access terminal. The room is well equipped.

As Booster enters the room it's like someone or something or somebody is trying to stop him from getting access. These huge metal doors are tring to close at the end of the hallway, there is a huge O symbol on the door. He zooms past, just as the doors try to close on superman. Standing in front of him, as he enters the room is Beetle. Beetle has a rather big drone with him, and before Booster can react to even say. "Blue.. wha.." The Drone's clamp clamps around Booster's neck! Then the drone gives Booster a nice liittle 30 volt tazer shock! "ARGH!" He stumbles backward, pounding at the drone... trying to reach a computer keyboard. He scrambles, his hands trainign across the keys, the screen pops up, and the menu items say. >>"Pinhole Cameras."<< He growls.

The screen Flashes. >>Pinhole Camera Security Planet Krypton. Outsider's Imperitive Files. Display Files?<< Beep?<< Display Files?<<
page Oh and you know nothing aboutt hese files, you know most of these secrets, but apparently this is a new one. So act a bit shocked. :)

Superman picks up speed as the doors move in to close down. He pauses to stop from doing so, and as the drone's clamp goes around Booster's neck the Man of Steel rushes forward his intention to try and separate them and keep 'Booster' from causing any more chaos. So far, it didn't seem as simple as it sounded.

Booster falls backwards, the Drone holding on to him. He tries to reach for the keyboard but there is just no more strength in him. He slumps forward. The Drone stops tazer shocking him. Tears stream down his eyes. He bites his lip, Suddenly, his skin starts to bubble, slowly, his complexion changes and what looks like sweat starts to pour off of his body. He starts to shake. He slumps forward looking at Superman. He looks him in the eyes. "I'm... I'm sorry.... I didn't mean. I just., I don;'t know who i am." A small puddle of what looks like flesh colored good is forming on the ground next to him. He looks into Superman and Blue Beetle's eyes, looking at them for a moment and with the realization of knowledge. "Tell Bethany, tell her i loved her...."
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Blue Beetle runs, "I'll get a doctor." He rushes quickly to get a first aide kit or something.
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Superman removes the drone from Booster, muttering under his breath at what happens next. He didn't want it to end this way. Not this way. The Man of Steel nods his head at Blue Beetle and he falls to his knees, studying the goo. With all his power, and he couldn't stop this from happening. Being Superman sometimes can be quite a drag.
Booster looks up and into Superman's eyes. He tries to move his hand to the keyboard, but there is no energy. He drops his arm to the ground, drained of strength. "I'mn sorry....forgive me..." He looks at him. "Find me?" He reaches for Superman's hand one last time and then he disolves into a pile of goo.