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Golden Arrow

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Golden Arrow is a charachter who appeared as a response to Green Arrow. Recently he was designed to be used in an Elseworld TP, He has an intriguing background and his place is strangely lacking in today's world. It would be nice, to see this character revived and used. For now, you'll have to settle for this little bit of info about him until I can find some scans.

Alter Ego: Roger Parsons
         Costume:  Blue trousers; orange short-sleeved shirt; red kerchief; red and white sash 
around the waist.
         Hair  Blonde
         Eyes:  Blue.
         Tools & Weapons:  Bow and gold-tipped arrows
         Origin:I know virutally nothing of the character's Origin.  He rides a 
stallion named White Wind.



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Poetic Villians: STRUWWELPETER.

These villains origionally appeared in the GA Comic titled "Merry Stories and Funny Pictures" I had planned to use them in an upcoming TP.

Flying Robert 
Power: flight
         Here you see him, silly fellow,
Underneath his red umbrella.
Up he flies
To the skies.
         Scissor Man
Power: Armed with long scissorlike weapons
The door flew open, in he ran,
The great, long, red-legg'd scissor-man.
And ere you dream what he's about,
He takes his great sharp scissors out.
 The Inky Boys
Power:The Ability to transform into shadows
         You see Edward, little noisy wag,
Run out and laugh, and wave his flag;
And William comes in jacket trim
And brings his wooden hoop with him;
And Arthur, too, snatches up his toys,
And joins the other naughty boys.
They have been made as black as crows,
Quite black all over, eyes and nose,
And legs, and arms, and heads, and toes,
And trousers, pinafores, and toys, --
The silly little inky boys!
         Cruel Frederick
Power: Expert with bullwhip
Here is cruel Frederick, see!
A horrid wicked boy is he;
And Oh! far worse than all beside,
He whipp'd his foes until they cried.
         Shock-Headed Peter
Power: Long clawlike Nails and an Electric Shock
Just look at him! There he stands,
With his nasty hair and hands.
See! his nails are never cut;
They are grim'd as black as soot;
And the sloven, I declare,
Never once has comb'd his hair;
Any thing to me is sweeter
Than to see Shock-Headed Peter.