Lady Rose Willow
hard worker

MAY 16, 2001


About me

This sight is just beginning. My friend, designed it for me. He's quite the handyman and was promising to build one for a long time, so he built me a site.

I was pleased. So here before you is, my new site, which if i'm fairly vigilant about could grow to be a pretty big and fairly cool thing. So here is where i will eventuall ask jimmy to put me up some stuff.

I was however foolish enough to send my good friend jimmy a few pictures which he used to populate this makeshift site. oh oh!





This section is on what jimmy could scrounge given limited material. Here is a picture of two people who are very close to me. My daughter Dylann and my cousin *to be filled* when the webdesigner remembers the name.





This I will one day have a ton o'links for you to visit. Until such time as I do ad coordinate with my webfriend, you will have to settle for these:



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